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As if the rampant lies and deceptions of the Bush Administration were not already of epic proportions, an anonymous source has told The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh that the terror-alert charts used by the Department of Homeland Security were actually prepared for Iraq.

As recently disclosed by The New York Times, the military has used a color-coded chart to display the growing chaos and civil war in Iraq. The chart, titled "Index of Civil Conflict," shows a color-coded bar with "peace" marked on the left and "chaos" on the right. An arrow puts the current situation inside the red area on the far right, much closer to chaos than peace.

Now, it appears that Karl Rove and company "borrowed" the "Iraq terror charts" to scare the bejesus out of Americans about false domestic terror threats, particularly around election time.

However, many independent experts contend that the Administration's "dual use" of the charts was not particularly misleading. As historian Douglas Brinkley asked, "can you think of a better example of chaos than New Orleans during Katrina?"

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