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    Our Obama, who art in Washington,
    Hallowed be thy name.
    Thy presidency come; thy will be done,
    In America as it is in Chicago.
    Give us this day our daily hope,
    And forgive us our doubts,
    As we forgive those who doubt against you.
    Lead us not into hopelessness,
    But deliver us from cynicism.
    For the hope and the unity and the change are yours,
    Now and forever.
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    Which is also why we shouldn't have open primaries or caucuses. If we're choosing a nominee for a party, shouldn't those deciding actually be in the party?

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    It's not about candidate partisanship, it's about enfranchisement. People who work during the caucus can't take off 2-hours to participate in the full caucus. Doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, retail workers, shift workers, etc. Caucuses also exclude the infirm who cannot leave their home, soldiers overseas, transient workers (truck-drivers, pilots, flight attendants, etc.), students...

    Primaries, like general elections, allow people to come in, vote, and leave. It's usually a quick process. Long polling lines are a result of poor state infrastructure and preparation. Of course, some rigging as we saw in Ohio in 2004: more voting locations (and voting booths in those locations) in rich white suburbs than in poor, African-American neighborhoods. That's why the Secretary of State Project is so important.

  • So true. Iowa feels like it was months and months ago.

  • My mom, too! I sent her an email saying how every small bit helps. She talked it over with my dad and they decided to make their first political donation-ever. They couldn't give much, but they gave a little and said they were "so happy to help Hillary!" I forwarded that to my sister and then she decided to give, too!

  • All my immediate family voted for her (we're Latino). Who's our equivalent of Toni Morrison? Will she name Hillary the first Latina president?

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    So true. I got goosebumps when I saw a woman's name listed under the presidential choices on the ballot.

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    Dolores Huerta was giving a speech and said about Latinos, "We have our own name for Sen. Clinton: "La Hilaria," and about Sen. Obama, it's "Senador como se llama?"

    (Sorry - don't know how to do the upside question mark or accents here.)

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    1. We know the Republicans will come out swinging against the nominee, regardless of who wins. And if the Democrat wins in November, the right-wing attacks won't stop. Can your candidate take on the Republican attack machine before and after Election Day?

    They have thrown everything they can at Clinton: she's frigid, a murderer, a lesbian... but the public see through their sexism and she consistently comes out on top.

    2. For both candidates, a large percentage of the country is uncertain or antagonistic. Will your candidate win over enough skeptics, doubters, and haters to form an effective governing coalition?

    Clinton has in Bush-voting Upstate New York.

    3. Both candidates are promising to achieve a number of great things. They have very different governing strategies. Will your candidate's strategy for achieving change work? Can it be done? Have others been successful with the same strategy (or a similar one)?

    I was at an event with Chelsea yesterday, and she reminded us that her mother worked with Lindsey Graham (who prosecuted Bill in the Senate!) to get health care for our national guard members.

    4. Finally, will your candidate's administration truly be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

    The Clinton campaign took a suggestion from a blogger (I think it was New Hampster) that executive branch bodies (Department of Ed, HUD, etc.) have paid bloggers to keep the populace informed of their goings-on. They took his advice and incorporated it into their platform as a possible way to increase government transparency.

    Hope this helps.

  • Turn on Obama? They're setting him up! After they have ignored Edwards and go on to destroy Clinton, they'll start on Obama. Then, they'll get to crow "America isn't ready for an African American president" for a few months until McCain is inaugurated!

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    Interestingly, 17% of registered Independens voted, given that this was supposed to be a closed primary.

    How did that happen? Were these Democrats-for-a-day, or did the exit polls ask for self-identification, not official party registration?

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    No. Thank you for all your hard work! Great diary.

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    More than a quarter million Floridians voted for Clinton than Obama! Amazing!

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    No kidding. What kind of party does Obama want to build?

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    No kidding. He's very unstatesmanly.


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