Ann Coulter's ass, I mean mouth

I've been reading that yesterday Ann Coulter called Obama a Terrorist. I found this on Taylor Marsh. Crooks and Liars says that Coulter linked Obama to Terrorism. While everyone is entitled to their opinion the video of what she actually said disputes this. She did make a very bad joke that I won't pass along and then she repeated it hoping someone would get it. But she never said the word terrorist. Did she mean to imply that Obama is a terrorist or to associate his name with it? Sure. Most likely. Probably so. But she didn't say he was a terrorist or that he was involved in terrorism.

Before anyone accuses me of being a Coulter apologist or of being in league with her let me set the record straight. I think she is a self important despicable immoral person that will say anything, tear down anyone to make herself seem viable. Her only ideology is hate and me. I call her Rushette.

But having made this important distinction I return to my original premise. Two important blogs misled people about what she said on Hardball yesterday. And while I don't disagree with the "gist" of what they say, I do have a problem with a "progressive" site presenting innuendos as if they were facts. That is what Fox News and people like Tony Snow are for. So my question to the "progressives" here is: Shouldn't we be presenting a better standard of reporting when we are criticizing the other side for their obvious distortions and bias?

Your responses would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Ann Coulter's ass, I mean mouth
You either misread or did not read what I wrote. I do not defend Coulter at all. The main point of this is the question at the end. I will rephrase it: Are Fox tactics ok as long as we are the one's using them? Or are they just wrong?
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