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    Portland, OR
    John Day, OR
    Seattle, WA
    Bainbridge, WA
    Electric City, WA
    Anacondas, WA
    Goldendale, WA*
    Outlook, CN*
    Las Vegas, NV
    Williams, AZ*
    Moab, UT*
    Boston, MA
    Albany, NY*
    Claremont, NH
    Freeport, MN*
    Sioux City, IA
    Whitefish, MT*
    Aiken, SC*
    Charleston, SC*
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    I welcome the guidelines.  I have become increasingly distressed with this and other blogs as they have descended into efforts to bash fellow Democrats.  I support Obama (after Edward withdrew) but will have not problem supporting Clinton (should she become our parties nominee).  However, the mean spirited posts (from both sides) make me less likely to participate in this community.  I want our focus to be on defeating McBUSH not undermining our opportunity to reclaim the White House.  Either Obama or Clinton would be better than McCain...so lets put aside the rancor and get on with focusing on helping our party to victory in November.

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    Silliness....energy lost that should be devoted to going after McShame and his crowd.  I worked campaigns for Democrats since 1976, am a PCO in Washington (we select delegates by caucus) and formally in Iowa (a caucus state).  No candidate or supporters of candidates have bitched and moaned about the "system" more then the current supporters of Ms. Clinton.  Get real...her husband ran the party for 8 years and did not get rid of the caucaus system.  She ran aggressively in Iowa and Nevada and did not pull out because they were 'undemocratic" (in fact she boasts of winning Nevada).  Stop the moaning...the system is what it is.  Lets focus on November and electing democrats not on crying over the loss in the nomination process by a candidate that miscalculated the system and lost.

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    If...if...if. If wishes were dreams.  We are not Republican's with winner take all primaries...we have caucuses (had them before and will have them in the future)...delegates nominate not raw votes.   Stop the insanity...unite behind Obama!!

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    Loosing is difficult...I know, as a progressive Democrat I have experienced it often (even within the party I have been a member of my entire life).  However, for the sake of the party it is time to unite behind Obama (just as we would if Clinton had won).  Unite for the good of the nation.

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    Perfect... a top of the ticket consisting of a boy toy living in eight mansions with a woman that makes Nancy Regan look like a woman of the people and a VP that is a woman that drove HP into the ground before bailing out with a bonus that would feed more than 500 families that she drove to the streets with her layoffs.

  • Clinton picks up 2 and Obama picks up 4 and your assessment is that "the tide is turning".  Get real!

  • Nice shot aimed at the real opposition.  We need more diaries like this...attack McShame not our friends.

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    Michigan and Florida should buck up and agree to hold a party sanctioned nomination contest (primary or caucus prior to June 4th.  That way both candidates can compete on a level playing field for the delegates to Denver.  Lacking that solution the Credentials Committee should seat the delegations based on a 50-50 split between the two candidates.

  • You mean like the Clinton push to get Super Delegates  committed now and talk of changing the rules to count the MI and FL non-events.

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    Shut up about the purity of primaries v. caucuses and states that demographically support H v. O.  Those arguments are B.S.  

    H. supporters do not complain when she does well in a state that is not demographically unfavorable to her...they praise her ability to reach across demographics...and her emerging majority (ala NV and/or FL).  They do not campaign when she looses large states (ala Illinois, MO, Georgia).  They do not complain when she wins Caucasus states (ala NV).  

    The fact is Dems need all the states she wins and those O wins.  Caucasus and primary....large and small...lily white and heavily minority.  We need them all....so shut up...take losses like a leader.  Win like a leader then I'll consider supporting H.

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    Like you I supported Edwards (as a donor and volunteer).  I also supported his 2004 campaign.  I am sickened by speculation that because I am a white, over 50 democrat I am a likely candidate to swing my support to Hillary.  I am not!!!  I will support Obama in the Washington State caucus (Feb. 9th).  

    I supported Edwards because he understood the deeply moral challange to address the illness of poverty that darkens our nations soul.  I have confidence the Obama most closely aligns with Edwards values and will advance the nations healing.

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    In 1976 Oklahoma was an early state that followed after Iowa in order and proceeded New Hampshire.  My recollection was that there were about 6 weeks between the January Iowa caucuses and the mid February New Hampshire primaries.  Oklahoma was sandwiched about half way between.  It's unfortunate how compressed and front loaded the system has become.  We have a process driving decisions rather than a contest of ideas.  This allows the media greater and greater voice featuring the process and horse race aspects of the race.

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    You may want to brush up on your history.  Bryan did not help make "teaching of evolution a criminal offense" it was already a criminal offense...he assisted in the prosecution of Scope who was accused of violating a Tennessee law restricting the teaching of evolution.  Bryan did not go "down in flames" his side won the court case.  Bryan was a retrograde on the issue of evolution and fortunately (so far) teaching creationism has been found to violate the constitution.  Your basic thrust that Huckabee should be challenged for his unscientific beliefs is valid...you historical basis is flawed.


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