More Details on the Hawaii Civil Unions Vote

The Democratic sponsor of Hawaii’s civil unions may face a tougher than normal re-election fight in the wake of the April 29th vote to grant gays and lesbians the right to join civil unions. Still, State Rep. Blake Oshiro was heartened by the outcome:

It was really heartwarming to me, to know that at the end of the day people are willing to do what they need to do, do what they came here to do, and not just worry about keeping their jobs.

Rep. Oshiro, who is openly gay, rarely discusses his sexuality with the media, but he made an exception when discussing this bill and what it means to him in an interview with Honolulu’s KITV News. Video of that interview is available here.

Meanwhile, the DLCC is continuing our petition drive asking Governor Lingle to sign the bill. The latest reports say the Governor is “up in the air” about what she’s going to do (her description). She’s planning a series of meetings with community leaders and is asking for more public input before making the decision.

So if you haven’t already: Click here to sign the petition!

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