On Burnout

Disclaimer: This post isn't directed towards any specific person.  Trust me, I've been hearing this from just about everybody.

A year ago liberal activists were in high spirits.  We had just taken back the US Congress from 12 years of Republicon rule and were looking forward to a new period of peace, prosperity, and opposition to the Bush administration.  In Michigan, we helped reelected Governor Granholm, took back the State House, and made gains in the State Senate.  The Republicons were hurting so bad that Michigan Liberal taunted Saul Anuzis with an endorsement for reelection to chair of the MIGOP.  We were filled with hope, and life was good.

But since then we've seen a whole lot of things happen that have dampened our spirits.  Not just on the blogosphere, but throughout the entire liberal activist community.

We found out that even with the so-called lobbying reform being done in DC, the politicians were still selling legislative votes to the highest bidder.  Iraq is still waging with no end in sight.  Bin Laden is still laughing at us from a cave somewhere.  The economy still sucks and is bound to get worse.  Bush has gotten just about everything he's wanted from the new Congress, and there's no real oversight being done to stop him.  Our elected Democrats are actually fighting against Bush impeachment.

We also have the primary season, in which our fellow rank-and-file Democrats are using right-wing talking points to bash the Democratic candidates who they don't want for the nomination for the Presidency.  And God forbid you pick the guy they're not backing.

And we have people we once called friends turning on us for no good reason.

Some of us have even had our lives threatened.

On top of all that, we have personal issues that get in the way of our desire to fight.

All of this has led to a massive burnout on the part of liberal activists.  What was once a coalition of bright-eyed true believers has now become a group of cynics who wonder why they're even bothering to fight.  And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in this group of new cynics.

I don't know what advice to give you to bring back the desire to fight.  If I did, I'd be doing it.  But I will tell you this:  You're needed.

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Help Support The Troops!

There's not too many things more depressing for a Soldier (or Marine, or Sailor, or Airman) than to be away at war during the holidays.  Well, actually there are things much more depressing, such as losing a friend, getting the "dear John" letter, having a piece of your body blown off in an IED explosion, but being thousands of miles away from home during Christmas is definitely in the top ten for most troops.

When I was in Iraq, one of the things that helped during "the most wonderful time of the year" was the surplus of care packages that came in during Christmas time.  I remember when my Sergeant shared with us an entire case of ramen noodles he had received that helped us have a little piece of home (of course they only lasted about 2 days before we ate them all, but they were still delicious).  Things like that help to keep you going when all you're thinking about is home.

Read below to find out how to support our troops

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DKos Blogger Being Bashed By Hometown Paper! We Need Your Help!

Crossposted at DailyKos.

If you don't live in Michigan, you may not have heard of Bruce Fealk.  But you might have read his diary in which he mentioned in a recent newspaper article that he said of Congressman Joe Knollenberg (MI-09): "Knollenberg should atone for his sins" - meaning his refusal to back Democratic-sponsored legislation to set timetables for removing the troops - "like a good Catholic."

As it turns out, conservatives really don't like discussing religion-when it's used against them.  Knollenberg was pissed beyond belief, even going so far as to call on our Governor to reprimand him. The RCCC, in a blatant show of hypocrisy,
"Religious smears have no place in political discourse."

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A Soldier's thoughts on Memorial Day.

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Hello everybody.  Today is Memorial Day.  The holiday in which America is supposed to remember those that died in wars past and present.

I'm realistic enough to know that that won't happen for most people.  Most Americans will enjoy it as a 3-day weekend in which they will use their time to pull out a grill, have a block party, and rest on a day they would otherwise be working.

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Act Blue Steps Up for Trupiano (MI-11)

Cross-posted at MichiganLiberal.com.

Tony Trupiano's campaign (MI-11) is getting a huge boost. He needs your help to give it a bigger one. Howie Klien and the folks at Blue America have got a TV ad they want to help Tony run. The whole story is here at The Huffington Post.

They had an ad ready to run for Webb in Virginia titled Rubber Stamp. Long story short, Webb's not using it and they've decided to modify it for Tony. Go watch. I'll wait.

As Howie tells the story...

We got Markos to go over all the races with us and figure out which race would be most likely to benefit from this particular ad and where our limited budget would actually do enough... not just enough to send a message, but enough to swing a few points and win an election. In the end the four of us all came to the same conclusion: Tony Trupiano.

Check out Klein's description of McCotter below the fold. It's perfect.

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