Act Blue Steps Up for Trupiano (MI-11)

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Tony Trupiano's campaign (MI-11) is getting a huge boost. He needs your help to give it a bigger one. Howie Klien and the folks at Blue America have got a TV ad they want to help Tony run. The whole story is here at The Huffington Post.

They had an ad ready to run for Webb in Virginia titled Rubber Stamp. Long story short, Webb's not using it and they've decided to modify it for Tony. Go watch. I'll wait.

As Howie tells the story...

We got Markos to go over all the races with us and figure out which race would be most likely to benefit from this particular ad and where our limited budget would actually do enough... not just enough to send a message, but enough to swing a few points and win an election. In the end the four of us all came to the same conclusion: Tony Trupiano.

Check out Klein's description of McCotter below the fold. It's perfect.

Tony's opponent is a posterboy for the whole concept of being a rubber stamp. He is one of the least independent-minded congressman in Washington, even to the point of being a bit of a laughing stock. A complete mama's boy, he became hysterical at the one debate he had with Tony and wound up making an idiot out of himself and then refusing any further debates. Since he actually gerrymandered the district for himself as a state legislator, he feels quite certain he's got this baby in the bag. He just gave away 80% of his campaign warchest-- all those legalized bribes for so many favors to so many corporations-- to the RNCC.

So why the home stretch effort?

We can win this race. Tony's doing very well on a shoestring budget. Some real air time the last week of the campaign could put him over the edge of victory.

Rahm Emanuel and the DCCC are sitting on their asses and watching. It's up to us. Everything about Tony's campaign is grassroots.
At the Michigan state convention in August Tony stood on stage and said "We're done playing defense."?

Well, we've got the ball. Tony's game plan for America is a true progressive agenda. The play is a quarterback sneak over the goal line.

I've already given the maximum $2100. Please give what you can. Anything will help.

Thank you.

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