Crazy shit can happen in Washington D.C.

Thinking back in time, old fart that I am, something suddenly dawned on me.
Rick Santorum could be President of the United States.
Fortunately, we here in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will see to that on Tuesday.

Something everyone should keep in mind when voting for your Senator or Representative.
Crazy shit can happen in Washington D.C.
Case in point; when Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned his post in disgrace, President Nixon appointed Congressman Gerald Ford to fill the post. A short while later Nixon was forced to resign and the Congressman from Michigan became the 38th President of the United States.
If there was ever anyone ripe for resigning in disgrace, or even impeachment, it's Dick Cheney.
That means that Bushy Boy could hand pick the next V.P., and if there was ever anyone ripe for resigning in disgrace or even impeachment it's George W. Bush.

I don't really believe this will happen, because I don't think the Democrats would put this nation through that again, but, it could.

Remember that, when you vote on Tuesday and ask yourself, if you'd want the person you are voting for to be the next President.
I've seen and heard some of these Republican candidates and the thought of it chills me.

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Re: Crazy shit can happen in Washington D.C.

IIRC, the VP doesn't have to be impeached to be removed from office -- only the president and federal judges have that immunity to regular indictment, prosecution, and conviction by a state or federal court that requires an impeachment proceeding to prosecute them.  Also, I think the Senate has to confirm any replacement VP pick, and a Democratic Senate (without which there would be little point in impeaching Bush, since the repugs will almost certainly vote party-line against conviction if they have a majority no matter how compelling the evidence against him) probably wouldn't confirm someone as extreme as Little Ricky, especially if they saw a real chance of him succeeding to the presidency.

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