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    We now see how effective the Repubs have been in their efforts to convince their long time corporate sponsors that the Dems really would not make better lapdogs no matter how much the
    Dems pander.  The heart of the Repug effort was to show the corporatists that the Repugs would not let the Dems get anything done.  "Go off and have your fling with those wannabe lapdogs, but you'll come back to us.  And besides we don't have a base that says mean things about you--We know you are the Masters of the Universe and we love you for it---All of us!"

    Numbers don't lie--This strategy is working and it is also going to pay off electorally as well.

    But Obama will continue to reach out in the vain and foolish hope that the Repubs will help him and the Dems supplant them as the pooches that the corporations can really trust.


    Jim Montgomery

  • It's not what the comnpanies might say, it was what Obama already conceded by saying that he only expects savings from the increase in current ecpnditures, not in the current expenditures themselves.

    In ohter words he expects a cut back in the increase in the costs of bandages, but not in the 25% overhead coists in delivering those bandages.  


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    The real problem is not the renege on the companies' part, but what Obama gave away on Monday.

    He told the companies that he was prepared to seem them keep their 17% of the GDP.  He was expecting no savings from changes in existing inefficient spending patterns, but ony from the private secotr's efforts not to expand those patterns in the future..

    Now, the companies have pocketed the 17% and say they are going for more.


  • Further to Chris' point:  Just think how quickly the electorate turned against the Iraq war even with American troops in the field.  

    Without any help from the Democratic party, it concluded that this adventure was a mistake.  Also, it got no help from the media.  Indeed, the media worked in the other direction.

    The only instituion that was laying out the facts and offering differing interpretations was the blog world.

    Bless them!



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    A wanker was proceeding across the Bridge to the 21st Century whistling Lieber Dems uber alles when he noticed concern trolls lurking beneath the abutments and was comforted to know that these sentinels of responsible journalism and stenography would be on guard for many Friedman untis to come.

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    On what basis do you say in your last paragraph that she "can be a great leader?"  What is your eveidence?  

    The real eveidence is to the contrary.  Her big chance to show leadership was on health care and she failed miserably on all levels.  And if health care is a big issue in 2008, how can she possibly run given that she so clearly destroyed her credib8ility on this issue?


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    I take back what I said two days ago about how the release of the poll info was getting done.

    This is first rate stuff and you will have my suport next time around.


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    Your presentation of the poll results is getting lost.  I just went to MyDD and could not find out what is going on.  It is particularly frustrating to see reference to the results on other blogs and then be able to find nothing on yours.

    Please remedy this.  You got a lot of people like me to support this effort----don't loose us by careless presentation.  I am prepared to support more work along this line, but not if I can't easily find the results.

    With great concern,


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    Thank  you for this.  You have done well with my $50.00 and when you want to follow up I will pony up again.

    At last, someone credible is asking about the whole herd of elephants in the living room.

    Keep it up.


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    I just gave.  

    It felt good.  Keep us informed as the collecting progresses.


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    Jim M


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