Announcing Good Will Hinton

I wanted to let the MyDD community know about the new group blog that I have started, Good Will Hinton.

There are quite a few large multi-user blogs devoted to politics/news/culture discussions. These would include MyDD of course and others such as DailyKos, and even Redstate. However, there tends to be very little overlap and dialogue between the Left and the Right and when there is, it is often filled with vitriol and ad hominem attacks.

We believe that there is a great opportunity for a blog to fill the large gap in between these blogs on the Right and the Left. We seek to be a site for intelligent, reasonable, and charitable discussion and debate between those who disagree politically, philosophically, and culturally. We aim to have an equal balance between those on the Right and the Left and between those of faith and agnostics/atheists.

In addition to the growing community of contributors and commenters, we will be adding nationally-known contributors including Rod Dreher, author of Crunchy Con and some elected officials.

Recent posts have included the following:
The Politics of Food
6 Thoughts on the Election
Don't Be A Foregone Conclusion
An Apology For Being a Foregone Conclusion

I invite you to come join the discussion.


Will Hinton
Good Will Hinton

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Re: Announcing Good Will Hinton
Lots of luck on that one.
You will probably be doing a lot of surveilling and editing.  I fear the days of universal civility are long gone.
by susie 2006-11-14 11:12AM | 0 recs


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