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    then I will. He's not a candidate, like Hillary was. She has to endorse him, as she is still a politician. Bill is the conscience of the Clintons. when he gives Obama his blessing, so do I. Until then, I will hold off.

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    who is clearly here to always bash the Clintons. Thats all you do. make snark posts of no substance. If I could rate, I'd hide every comment of yours, and I encourage all to do so.

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    which is why your state elected a Dem governor. Does not mean that theres a shot in hell we'll be semi competitive or draw their money into it. Politics is local everywhere. Obama will not get anywhere close to competing in Strom Thurmond country. That is pure fantasy to think he will.

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    North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and yes, even South Carolina
    except McCain is up big in Georgia, hes also up in North Carolina, tied in Virginia, and please, Obama will never win SC. South Carolina is Strom Thurmond country. Yes, I know its early, but http://electoral-vote.com/ while Obama may get some activity, Hillary put many more states in play that have actually voted Dem in recent elections, like West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Arkansas, Nevada, SHE was leading in NC. Worth a LOT more electoral votes, and more likely to go Democrat that Strom Thurmond land.  

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    except no matter what history, I do not choose my candidate based on his race's history. I vote for a candidate if he is likely to implement the right policies in the general election, or win the general election in a primary election.

  • please, your horrendous attempt at a spin is just that: horrendous, and GOPesque.

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    I see little how this relates to politics or anything of the sort. Or how it should.

  • I was talking about THIS COUNTRY, not liberal democrat primaries, either where in states like Idaho, where the few Dems who exist there are voting for the new guy, or in southern states where we won't win where most of the Democrats are blacks but most whites vote Republican. Idaho will never go dem, and neither will Alabama.

  • bradley effect, this is not a Democratic primary with 30 percent of the electorate black, this is the general electorate. Blacks are only 12 percent of it overall. Obama's lead is actually really small if you factor the bradley effect

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    and I hope the supers remember that. This is because the supers can change their minds, and when things come out about Obama, or they see how poorly he does in polls against McCain in this type of political environment, they can come home to Clinton.

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    he should pick Bob Miller, former Gov of Nevada, who was in the army and air force reserves for 7 years, governor for 10, which means he is an outsider, has military exprience, and political experience. He can help with the west. he is perfect

  • he is NOT the nominee yet. The Supers haven't voted yet. I still hope she takes it to the Convention, but know she won't. She will pull our like Mitt Romney did. But at least the nomination wasn't stolen from him like it was from Hillary, because Iowa and New Hampshire had to ALWAYS be the same day. Not to mention, when you count ALL the places that had votes on ballots, Hillary had the most votes.

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    it can still be 49-49, 48-47, look at 1976, Carter won Ohio 48.9-48.7, and Wisconsin 49.4-47.8, and those states decided the election. I say this to illustrate how close this will be. Many close states in 2 way races even get decided by high 40's, like NM and IA in 2004, etc. because of minor candidates

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    and no candidate needs 50%, because in a close two way race, because of the stock minor candidates, it can be 48-48, 49-49. Obama in the electoral vote is only ahead http://electoral-vote.com/ 287, and if you take out the bordered state because they are in the MoE, he loses.

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    first off, if I were a Republican, I'd use a certain insult on you you'd cry. Second, why can't you be neutral? You are supposed to be POLLING the opinion of this nation, not telling our American United States what YOU want it to think.


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