Bi-partisan, unity message will hurt us

Watching MSNBC this morning, I'm struck by how often the unity & bi-partisan message is being put across as Andrea Mitchell & the other talking heads discuss Obama's possible cabinet picks.

Reaching across party lines is important, yes, but WE f*** won. Our people, our progressive leaders, should be the ones under consideration for administration posts.

Enough of this bull* about appointing Republicans to important cabinet posts. If you can pull a Dick Lugar out of the senate, then fine, but otherwise just find the best Democrat available. Hell, Colin Powell is probably available to fill that "unity" slot, so offer him Defense and have done with it.

Why is it that you never hear this narrative when Republicans win? When was the last time a Republican appointed a Democrat to a cabinet post?

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Here's one conservative Christian preacher who gets it

This today from Reverend Chuck Baldwin, 2004 Contitution Party Vice-President nominee:

As Usual, Conservative Christians Don't Get It
By Chuck Baldwin
January 10, 2006

With confirmation hearings underway for Judge Samuel Alito,
many conservative Christians are focusing on the abortion issue. In
fact, many pro-life activists are hailing Alito as the man who
would overturn legalized abortion in America.

However, as is usually the case, most conservative Christians
cannot see beyond the abortion debate to look at the bigger picture.
Then again, myopia seems to be a permanent disorder affecting a
majority of conservative Christians today, so why should things
suddenly change now?

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