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    Lieberman chose his side many, many months ago. Campaigning for McCain was just his latest error. Show him the door. Don't get cute with possible vote calculations, just show him the door.

  • Hey! You got the point of my post. I agree with you, let's find the best progressive people to fill these posts.

    I'm already sick of the "which Republicans will Obama select" meme.

    And I'm sure he and his team are way ahead of us on this, thankfully.

  • Thanks for your thoughts.

    Here is what Chuck 'gets,' and why that is good for you and for me:  Chuck sees the cynical game for what it is, and he tells his not-inconsiderable-audience.

    Chuck's arguments cannot stand on their own merits... but he has the moral integrity to (figuratively) go toe to toe with us. This is a very good thing.

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    ...it means exactly what I choose it to mean, neither more, nor less.

    You may wish to free yourself from the opinions of others, and especially of the opinions of yourself.

    But maybe not.

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    'Cause the common man's gotta have someone to hate, and if the elite doesn't define his target for him...

    That target will be the elite.

    As the economic divide (oh, watch the asset-class bubbles pop-pop-popping) widens, economic populism will gain more and more traction.

    The question will then be: will our political system be able to accomodate the economic demands from below, or will a structural adjustment be necessary?

  • ...and we still can't kick out all of it.

    In short, the Fed seems to be exporting most of our inflation. See http://www.safehaven.com/showarticle.cfm?id=3276  for a more extensive explanation.

    A side effect to this Fed policy seems to be equity bubbles in our economy -- stocks a few years back and now real estate.

    The question is will this policy lead to hyperinflation or deflation?

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    are waiting for the official heavy-on-the-fudge numbers?

    How anyone can accept those figures without a pound of salt is beyond me, but many will.

    And some will profit thereby.

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    Gore has no traction outside of we politically engaged liberals.

    Everyone else in the USA views him as Clinton's veracity-challenged (see- Internets, Creator) tinman VP.

    Harsh, yes. Al, if you read this, I personally think you're a swell guy.

    But Al Gore has no political future without drastic shifts...

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    If the nukular option/shutdown is framed as "they're just trying to change the rules again like with that poor woman," it could have some impact.

    What makes the Schiavo case so interesting to so many people is that it's easy to see yourself in their shoes. Any of them.

    All politics are local. Show me how an issue is personal, and you have my complete attention. I suspect my friends (heck, your friends too) are similar.

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    I live in the Deep Bible Belt, and everyone at work is shaking their heads at DeLay, Martinez, etc. attempt to impose their will on this tragedy.

    My take is that these folks-- my folks-- don't trust politicians in general (they're scumbag opportunistic liars), and they see this as a private family matter.

    I'd say the poll is accurate, at least in my Deep Red part of the world.

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    Willie is hoping to make diesel out of hemp. Hemp would be one of the best crops with which to create true wealth for the Family Farmer.

    Think about it... hemp biomass per acre is very high (something like 10 tons per in 4-5 months) which is perfect for biodiesel production.

    How much hemp under cultivation (acreage) would it take to alleviate our dependence on Big Oil?

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    Amen. The comment I hear here in the buckle of the Bible Belt is "I don't like Bush, but at least he tells it like it is."

    I don't agree with that interpretation of Mr. Bush, but we need someone who speaks the same, simple language. We need someone to stand up and preach progressive American values. The best part of America is just waiting and yearning to rise up and support such a person.

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    I've never met a Doctor in Education or Otherwise who didn't capitalize every last letter and spellcheck so he didn't come across as an idiot. I'll chalk it up to a late night...

    Or to you living under the proverbial bridge.

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    We're all a pack of puppets, dancing to the tugs of one Group or Another.

    Time to cut the strings and get the fuck out of the show.

  • ... and wait for Friday. Early votes & absentee ballots HAVE NOT BEEN COUNTED YET IN FLORIDA.

    Jesus fuckin' Christ, you whine more than my cats when we're eating stuffed grouper. :)


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