NH Voter Fraud confirmed!

New Hampshire Election Fraud:

Hillary LOST the paper ballot count but WON the optical scan ballot count.
Obama WON the paper ballot count but LOST the optical scan ballot count.

2008 New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results --Total Democratic Votes: 286,139 - Machine vs Hand
(RonRox.com) 09 Jan 2008

Clinton, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 34.908%
Obama, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 38.617%

Hillary Clinton, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 39.618%
Barack Obama, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 36.309%

Machine vs Hand:
Clinton: 4.709% (13,475 votes)
Obama: -2.308% (-6,604 votes)

See: http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_ ron_corv_080109_new_hampshire_electi.htm

The Establishment candidates for both parties are setup to win.

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MoveOn.org Paper Ballot Petitition

All sign the MoveOn.org Petition to take our voting rights back again from faulty, totally unverifiable machines.

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Why You Can't Trust the Official Election Results!

We have seen error filled Elections and Election Results ever since 2000. It has become so commonplace now, that they occur every Election cycle (including in 2006 with FL-13, NC-09).  

Reported from www.bradblog.com:

For those in the media interested in actual concerns about the integrity of today's NH Primary, we'd strongly recommend the following video primer. In it, you'll learn that the Diebold optical-scan system used across most of New Hampshire can be easily rigged by insiders, and only if the paper ballots are properly audited by hand, in some fashion (some 40% of precincts still count paper ballots by hand, at the precinct), can the results of the op-scanners be trusted in any way, shape or form.

The paper ballots used in the New Hampshire Primary will actually be counted by the hackable Diebold optical-scan systems used in the state, as controlled and programmed by a known bad private contractor.

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Hillary Clinton & Rudy Guiliani use " 9/11 Scare Tactics", After losses

After the Iowa Election in which the public voted overwhelmingly against the illegal Iraq War & Occupation, it was interesting to see Hillary Clinton flanked by the pro-War, Council-of-Foreign-Relations (CFR) member, Neocon-cheerleader, Madeleine Albright, standing right along side of her next to the podium, as she gave her concession speech.  

But, if that weren't enough of an awkward irony all to itself, as the American public across the nation repudiates the War and calls for a fundamental change in foreign policy, it was recently reported that both Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton have retreated back to the 'old 2004 Bush-Cheney modus operandi by using "9/11" scaremongering tactics to try and manipulate the voters.

Struggling candidates reach for '9/11 cards'

Nick Juliano
Published: Friday January 4, 2008

Well they're off - officially - in the race for the White House, and one-time frontrunners Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton have stumbled out of the gates.

What's a struggling New York pol to do? Never Forget.

Clinton and Giuliani both broke out 9/11 references a day after the Iowa Caucuses upended their Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns.

"None of this worries me - Sept. 11, there were times I was worried," Giuliani told the New York Daily News, brushing off his sub-Ron Paul finish in a state he virtually ignored.

The former mayor, who left office three months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, is an old hand at going to the 9/11 well when his political fortunes need a boost. He was joined Friday, though, by Hillary Clinton, New York's junior senator, elected just less than a year before the attacks.

"We have people who are plotting against us right now, getting ready to repeat the atrocity of Sept 11. We know it, I see the intelligence reports," Hillary Clinton told voters Friday morning in New Hampshire, which is being seen as a must-win state.

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Why Hillary Clinton is a Disaster for the Democratic Party

The Case Against Hillary Clinton

Being a good president means being able to make the correct decisions. It means having a vision of where you want the country to go that benefits the vast majority of Americans -- not the War Establishment, not the Banking Industry, not Transnational Corporations, at the expense of the ordinary citizens.  It means enhancing civil liberties, not depriving the public from them. It means having both experience and a proven track record in dealing competently with crises.   In short, being a good president means having good judgment.  

Hillary Clinton has "experience", perhaps (primarily as a mendacious U.S. Senator),   but it's experience with making the wrong decisions and displaying incredibly poor judgment.

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Top Ten Signs Your Country Is Going Fascist

Top Ten Signs Your Country Is Going Fascist

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The Myth of Hillary Clinton's Experience.

Experience:   refers to know-how or knowledge in, "empirical knowledge". A person with considerable experience in a certain field can gain a reputation as an expert.

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton has made the completely wrong and incompetent judgements in Foreign Policy, on both Iraq and Iran.   Even far worse than any one particular vote, she attached her own credibility to public promotion and parroting of the plainly fraudulent White House talking-points, and a bizarre faith-based loyalty to their bogus intelligence (White House manipulated) -- even after the inconvenient truth was reported both Nationally and Internationally, and revealed before the whole World.

That, of course, is embarassing.   But the scope and depth of Hillary Clinton's incompetence goes way beyond what she did 5 years ago, or what she did this summer (Kyl-Lieberman), or the many mendacious and reckless propaganda utterences and incompetent accusations that she has made about about Iraq and Iran over the past 5+ years.   The errors are even larger, and something that is permanent and institutionalized by her own choice of trusted advisors, and that incompetence will never change either now or in the future.   You can learn a whole lot about a candidate by who their trusted advisors are.  

Both Barack Obama and Hillary have hired advisors that at one time served within the former Clinton administration.   Yet, the similarity ends there:

Clinton's advisors:
  • Lee Feinstein: Chief Foreign Policy Advisor - Supported the War and continues to defend that support.
  • Madeleine Albright: Advisor - Supported 'regime change' by Military violence, and publically supported Bush's march to War.
  • Bill Clinton: Withheld information about the success of the 1990s UNSCOMB Weapons Inspections from the American public that could have prevented War, publically promoted all the fraudulent Cheney-Bush Iraq WMDs and Nuclear claims, and continued to publically endorse "taking out Hussein" (by mass-violence) and, in his own words, "defended Bush against the left on the War".

Obama's advisors:

  • Tony Lake: Chief Foreign Policy Advisor - opposed the Iraq War buildup and regarded it to be a misadventure.
  • Susan Rice: Never believed the the Iraq WMD/Nuclear claims to be legitimate.

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Dennis Kucinich Campaign Update!

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A Holiday Message from Nancy Pelosi

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Dennis Kucinich wins the Independent Primary Vote.

Dennis Kucinich won the Independent Primary vote that was concluded this week.

Final Democratic Party Voting

Kucinich 61,477 76.7%
Edwards 7,614 9.5%
Obama 3,847 4.8%
Clinton 2,084 2.6%
Gravel 1,844 2.3%
Richardson 1,522 1.9%
Biden 1,323 1.7%
Dodd 442 0.5%
TOTAL 80,153 100%

Final Republican Party Voting

Paul 23,524 93%
Huckabee 426 1.8%
McCain 270 1.2%
Giuliani 261 1.0%
Thompson 207 0.8%
Tancredo 189 0.7%
Hunter 183 0.7%

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