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    We've created a lose-lose already. If Murtha wins it looks like we don't 'give a crap' about ethics.  If Hoyer wins, it looks like our new leader, Pelosi, can't get the votes for what she wants.  She looks weak.  

    Bluenc is right, Pelosi should never have taken on this fight.  She let her ego drive this because of a past fight with Hoyer.  A rather ominous beginning for the party, and Pelosi.  A battle that did not need to happen.  

    Hoyer has claimed for days that he has the votes.  Tonight Murtha claims that he has the votes.  

    Washington Post has done two articles in two days, including an editorial, against Murtha and pro Hoyer.  I was surprised that the Post would go against Pelosi so early in the game.  

    I can't wait for this to be over.  It's not helping us.  At all.  

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    I agree with Gabe, generic polls are meaningless.  Voters always want to 'throw the bums out' but that means the bum in some other district.  They like their own 'bum'.  

    What will democrats do when they win? Other than raise the minimum wage?  Will anything really change?  
    If not then who cares?  Why should the democrat based be fired up to vote?  To prove some point or other?

    The election is a month way, that's YEARS in political time.  

    Don't count your eggs before they chicken out.  

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    VA has a marriage amendment on the ballot.  That will increase the vote for republicans as the churches will GOTV.  

    Does anyone know if other states have a vote on gay marriage or abortion?  Those things always help republican candidates.  

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    Good post.  A couple of thoughts, Warner isn't really southern.  I don't think he's from the south and he doesn't sound southern at all.  Condi will not run she'd never get the nomination if she did.
    First has no charm.  I don't see him getting the nomination.  Huckabee is a real good possibility and a good candidate.  Maybe Governor Pawlenty too.

    Hilary will be the democrat candidate and it's not a good thing.  First, she represents NY.  She'll be seen as another liberal, northeast, Senator.  Second, she's a woman and unfortunately some people won't vote for a woman, no matter how PC they claim to be, they won't.  Third, her husband.  Half the country HATES the thought of him being back in the White House.  She's not a good choice for democrats but she's got the money and the backing, and I don't see anyone stopping her.  

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    Democrats are going to call Kilgore a fag during the campaign?  Why?  Just to be nasty, like you?  Sheeze, you are a perfect example of why normal people don't want anything to do with democrats.  

    I have no idea who Grover Norquist, is or what he has to do with Kaine and Kilgore.  But please don't answer if you are just going to be nasty and insulting.  

    Are you an example of 'progressive'? If so, yuck.  

    I'm not a student at UVA never have been. I am big fan of U of Maryland and an alumn.  

    I am also outta here.  You can insult someone else.

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    It wouldn't make any difference.  99% of Virginians had never heard of Russ Potts before this month.  
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    I hate to be so dumb, but what is a progressive democrat?  How are they different from a centrist democrat?  Are progressives liberals?  Thanks!  
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    If Kilgore has a 'gay voice' will that hurt him with moderate democrats?  He's very conservative.  I've heard him speak several times, and I've met him twice, and I have loved his accent and voice.  I'll pay better attention next time.  
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    Sorry, people are pissed at Warner.  No one knows who Kaine is since he doesn't do anything, as you said.  UVA people are furious at Warner because he raised taxes but he won't give them any money and he won't cut them loose either.  

    Are only democrats allowed to post on here? I've voted for both democrats and republicans.  Am I not allowed here?  If so, sorry, I didn't know.  

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    Any democrat would win that seat.

    What do you mean by 'progressives in safe seats'?  

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    Kilgore's voice?  He has a nice, soft, southern accent.  Is that what you mean?  He sounds like a Virginian.  He has a great voice!
    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00001IVJU/ref=m_art_li_1/103-8094256-3523065?v=glance &s=music

    Kaine isn't bad looking?  Are you kidding?  He looks like someone's grandpa with a bad haircut. You must be a guy if you think Kaine is good looking.  

    http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.washblade.com/2003/10-24/news/localnews/Kilgore-Je rry.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.washblade.com/2003/10-24/news/localnews/vacon.cfm&h=250&w=2 99&sz=8&tbnid=6htb3EZJc8sJ:&tbnh=92&tbnw=110&start=3&prev=/images%3Fq%3DJerr y%2BKilgore%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN

    I dunno, maybe Kaine can pull it out, but folks in VA are pretty pissed at him.  Ask people at UVA or any other university.  

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    As another fellow Virginian, I'd be very surprised if Kilgore didn't win.  The Kilgore twins, Terry and Jerry, have been in VA politics forever and very well known.  They are also very attractive, and charming.  Two things that Kaine is not. Although they are very conservative, so is most of VA.  Russell Potts is a RINO and will draw as many democrats as republicans because he supports gay marriage and choice, which are two things many democrats in VA have a hard time supporting. As you can see from this latest poll, Potts is drawing almost evenly from democrats and republicans and Kilgore is still up by 10%:


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