Why the GOP is angry

I have watched the pained looks on the face of the GOP as they try to run from Bush like rats on  a sinking ship. Rats is the operative word here. Methinks the main reason that they oppose the Dubai deal is the GOP's inherent racism towards anything Arab. I'm sure that there are actually GOPers who legitmately oppose this deal. I oppose it because it it looks like a windfall for John Snow and his friends. The Bushies don't give damn about homeland security. They just use it for political purposes. However,the biggest hoot I've heard today comes from such rats as Hastert,Frist,Ros-lehtinen and others who now DEMAND that Bush CONSULT CONGRESS ON THIS DEAL!!!  WHAT THE F%$*? These are the same exact people who had no problems letting Bush piss away our rights and flush the Constitution right down the toilet. I hope that Bush does veto the bill,but I think that when push comes to shove,he'll do a Miers and back down,letting the GOP and the citizens of wingnuttia pretend that they've saved America from a fate worse then death,in which they can crow to their constituents that they singlehandly "saved" us from the "ragheads" who are out to destroy us.

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