DebateScoop covers Brown-Dewine debate -- join us

Update [2006-10-1 13:24:3 by demondeac]: Lots of coverage up now, with more to come. Initial judgement: narrrow win for Brown.

DebateScoop goes live this weekend, with wall to wall coverage of the Ohio Senate debate on "Meet the Press" this Sunday morning, October 1st, between Senator Mike DeWine (R) and Representative Sherrod Brown (D).

DebateScoop is a one-stop cyberspace source for electoral political debate coverage in the United States and it is the only site in the world where expert debate scholars offer critical analysis of candidate debates.  

Like MyDD and DailyKos, we are scoop software based so that you, the people who count, can diary, comment and rate, shaping the coverage.

We've rounded up nationally recognized political debate scholars -- coverage of political debates by debate experts is unprecedented.  Our team of debate experts will write substantive commentary before, during, and after key political debates and will host live blogs open for public commentary before debates.

We're contacting the campaigns and political media to build bridges that amplify our (your) commentary.  

The OH-Sen debate coverage will be led by Professor Steve Mancuso of Miami University in Ohio - a nationally acclaimed debate judge and the coach of the Miami University debate team in Oxford, OH.

DebateScoop is a collaborative effort between Wake Forest University, the University of Mary Washington and the Open Source Debate Foundation (OSDF) whose mission is to promote debate as a method for producing, organizing and assessing knowledge and forging sound decisions on the important issues of the day.

Check it out now, there is already an insightful commentary on how the unique MTP format shapes the debates. Join us for the liveblog tomorrow morning and for the post debate coverage.

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Re: DebateScoop covers Brown-Dewine debate -- join

liveblog up and running!

by demondeac 2006-10-01 05:27AM | 0 recs
Re: DebateScoop covers Brown-Dewine debate -- join

for those markets with MTP starting now, we have an "almost" liveblog.

by demondeac 2006-10-01 06:06AM | 0 recs


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