Amplification Opportunity: Debates

DebateScoop has coverage of multiple debates, including this morning's MTP debate between Talent and McCaskill.

You can weigh in there in comments or with a diary.

We'll have a "ballot" written by a newutral expert later today, plus a review of last night's CA-Gov debate (was not the success for Angelides that he needed).

If you care about Webb/Allen (or are an advisor for a campaign that will have a MTP debate), John Morello's preview of tomorrow night's Virginia Senate debate is a must read.

But many people say the debates don't matter or only matter if there is a huge gaffe that the media picks up on. Think about that with me beneath the fold.

We had a brief diary with a few comments on this at DailyKos yesterday. The upshot was that, yes, the Foley/Hastert deal and Woodward's book have a much bigger effect.

But that is a short sighted view. How many times have the blogs changed the narrative in local or statewide races in the last year? Why did the traditional media go to Las Vegas to cover YearlyKos?

Historically, blogs did not exist at all. Historically, debates were only devices for campaigns to spin.

But the whole idea of creating an amplification device and shaping the narrative of politics by including the voices of subject matter experts and informed citizens, that idea is the genius of the blogosphere's success. Debates provide the raw material we can use to tell our stories, to change or at least influence the larger media narrative. and did not take the status quo for granted and now have actual influence.

DebateScoop will probably not be an overnight success -- we are too deep into this fall's election to expect that. But the pace of change is accelerating. By the next cycle, we will have more experience, but even now we are in position. All it takes is one NYT writer to read commentary there and discover an angle that makes their story unique (reporters are lazy and the people covering debates use sources like ours).

Look at it this way: the 50 state strategy puts people in position to take advantage of new opportuinties. So do debates and so does DebateScoop.

Elections and campaign geeks like me and the others here can use tools others do not yet realize the power of.

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