Rudy Co-Opting Newt or Newt Co-Opting Rudy?

Yesterday Kos,  was  talking about  Rudy, He said the following
" He's hired some top people, he stole Jim Nussle away from Romney, he appears to have co-opted Gingrich, he's likely to raise great gobs of money (he plans to raise $100M by year's end),"
I however have another more interesting reading of this alliance.  Newt Gingrich has been doing a lot of posturing about getting in the 2008 race but almost all of it is posturing.  However what if he were to strike an alliance with Rudy that works as follows over the jump.

  Rudy has all of the political capital but has the massive liability of being pro-choice and pro-gay rights. Lets for arguments sake he does in fact run and Newt Gingrich were to become a prominent endorser of Rudy. Now you think that might end Newt chance of being President, but in fact it might be his best chance. Newt can ride Rudy's political capital through the primaries until the Convention. It is however  entirely possibly that if Rudy were to well but not too well, he would be mathematically unable to claim the nomination but still have the most delegates. Rudy is in fact the best way to damage both McCain and Romney, because all three share an absolute need to do well in New Hampshire and all three can't.  Even if Rudy were able to squeeze out a bare majority of the delegates it is still possible that the threat of a third party revolt would give rise to the need for another candidate. Who better than Newt Gingrich? Rudy could be given a spot in the new administration or even on the ticket. There is no Republican more respected by all sides of the Republican Party than Newt but slogging through the primaries would be a very difficult thing for him. Why not hitch your wagon with Rudy as means of crushing your other two rivals?  Who has a truly better understanding of National Republican Politics, Newt or Rudy?   Newt has already been laying the ground work with statements like if a candidate takes up my vision I won't see the need to run. Rudy has actually been saying similar things. I think Nussle decision to side with Rudy could be the first sign that such an alliance is in the works, and if so. I believe it will be to Newt's ultimate benefit.

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