Obama vs McCain - analysis

Now that the Democratic nomination is completely 100% settled and Obama is the undisputed nominee for the Democratic Party, it's time to start analyzing the Obama vs McCain race, which began in earnest this week.

Below the jump are what I see as the major themes:

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Pray for Hillary

Hillary Clinton
We need to pray for Hillary because she's a great Senator and she may be on the ticket or around in the Democratic party for a long time. Pray for her to either win this outright or come to terms with the loss, because she is an amazing American.

If you really want to help, send her a donation here!

We need Unity more than anything else. Unity is very important. That's why I hope Barack Obama puts Hillary on the ticket (or vice versa).

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Fight for FL/MI hurt Clinton with Supers

According to Simon Rosenberg, the Clintons disingenuous efforts to count the ridiculous FL/MI results (rather than simply find a compromise that makes sure FL/MI are represented at the convention) has really pissed off some superdelegates:

In addition to sounding like she has been trying to rewrite the rules in the middle of the game, I think the strident rhetoric by the Clinton campaign on the sanctioning of FL and MI has done grave damage to their campaign. Most of the superdelegates, who at this point have the power to decide the outcome of the race, are from the other 48 states and 6 territories. They played by the rules. They are not interested in rewarding FL and MI for bad behavior and have resented the approach taken by the Clintons.

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Onward to the Convention. Rise Hillary Rise!

Rise Hillary Rise!

She's the comeback kid one more time. She came back from 25 down in Indiana to win against all odds in a state where blacks dominated the final precinct returns and - despite Obama's basketball connection with voters - Hillary managed to overwhelmingly win women by 5 points according to CNN exit polls.

This is a great day for Hillary Clinton and Democrats after this huge comeback win (she made up 30 points!) The electability debate over the next month will be great for the party, as will a contentious battle over voter enfranchisement in two swing states. These will help heal the rift. Debate is great, and this primary has just started, mark my words! There are millions of Democrats who have not been heard from since Hillary offered to join and then leave Rev. Wright's church.

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Help a fellow progressive blogger!

Advertise Liberally is a great advertising service. They have great clients who sell really liberal stuff, like this:

What a wonderful book! Every child under 10 should be forced to memorize the words! I'm using all $30 of my gas tax cut to buy 2 copies of this masterpiece!

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Obama and the Trilateral Commission will take over the world!!!

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Barack Obama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the intelligence agencies, using fake polls, mobs of swarming adolescents, super-rich contributors, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power. It's obvious that Barack Obama is a Manchurian Candidate who wants to overthrow the American government with the support of Jews and the Trilaterial Commission (and the folks who control the media this week).

I'm only a small person, though. I can't spread that message to the masses without the help of an advertising network that is dedicated to spreading the truth.

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All you elitist whiny liberals who are trying to keep me from getting my gas tax cut need to buzz off.

This is about me. It's about whether I can buy a gallon of milk or a gallon of gasoline. Gas prices will go WAYYYYYY DOWN when you cut the gas tax and give me MONEY. And you elitists need to keep your economic elitism away from me and at least 20 feet my kids, who need both their gasoline and their milk, and they don't need no lectures from elitists.

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Paul Krugman - Out of touch elitist

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As a fan of Hillary Clinton's, I have always been a big fan of Paul Krugman. I reckon that his columns are awesome and unbiased. I find his political acumen astounding, and I get all frustrated when he writes abotu economics, which is the a false science of shakedown artists and frauds.

I really wish he'd stick to political analysis though and just stay away from economics, because economists are elitist scum who are WORKING TO DESTROY THE LIVES OF THE COMMON MAN WITH THEIR HIGH FALLUTIN' IDEAS AND SCHEMES.

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Agreeing with Kos on Fox

Cross posted at Dailykos MARKOS BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD ORANGE BAD!!!

Rabid Obama supporter here -

I understand why Obama went on Fox. The audience on Fox is the demographic who thinks he's a secret muslim or that he's a dangerous Manchurean candidate bent on world domination or that he hates working class white people and wants to beat them with a bowling ball. His image with these folks can only benefit by appearing on that channel. When they see him on their television, and he's not wearing a turbin and yelling "angry black man stuff" at the television, this will probably calm down some of their hatred and lead to less random bleeding coming from their ears.

The problem is this: Obama could have accomplished this task while simultaneously calling out Fox for their disgraceful madrassa smear. That act of aggression will not stand, man.

In the parlance of our times, here's how he could have hit two birds with one stone:

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$100 million = Tough Life

At a campaign stop today, Hillary Clinton said the following:

"Now, I know there are some people who say, 'Oh my goodness, she is tough.' Well, if you'd had my life you'd be tough, too."
I totally agree. It's tough being a First Lady of a state for 12 years. It's even tougher being First Lady of the United States for 8 years. I mean...she had to live in government subsidized housing for all of those years!

Having your own personal chef and a chauffeur is also very tough.

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