The Smoke and Mirror Show

The republicans are using the same old tricks.  Don't like republican rule in Washington?  Well the maverick republican and his new side kick will swear to reform it.  Fact is Palin reformed Alaska, yep, but just who was it she reformed?  Why her own republican colleagues.  When John McCain says Washington is broken just who is he talking about?  Why its the corrupt cronies in the Republican administration.  And its so convenient after carrying the water in the Senate for President Bush now he claims we should trust him to clean it up.  Along with this woman who knows absolutely nothing about Washington.  Surely she would be effective, knowing nothing about the ins and outs or the players.  I'm sure they wouldn't be able to do a run around her, use her, deceive her.  Right.

And how about old man McCain.  Do you really think this man has the insight and skill to deal with his fellow republicans, destroy their careers, investigate his friends?  Do you think he could even see their corruption, since they run his campaign?

Then there is the original premise.  That he and his helper will "get government out of the way" of the general public.  Is that what is really wrong with the republicans or the government?  What about the insistence of the republican party that regulations are to blame.  If we had some regulations in the mortgage industry instead of the open season on home buyers and owners, perhaps we wouldn't be in the mortgage and banking disaster we have now.  But the republicans thought we had too many regulations in the way.  In whose way exactly were those regulations?  Not the buyers or the owners of those homes but the free for all mortgage shysters and the fire sale of these worthless securities on Wall street.

What about the oil and gas industry?  Well Phil Graham and his wife decided the government was in the way of speculators in the market and they got those regulations removed.  Those sepculators have made billions jacking up the prices on the backs of the public.  Another case of the government getting out of the way.  But not in the way of the public, no, in the way of corrupt people ready and willing to take advantage of "deregulation" and rip of J.Q. Public.

Yes we have the republicans to thank for getting government out of the way, to the detriment of the public.  There were reasons why those businesses were regulated, to keep theives and liars in check.  When government isn't on the job its the public that suffers.  Yes McCain now loudly claims that he and his new lady will get government out of the way.

We tried it your way.  Its a sham, a scam, a big lie.  What we need is a government on our side again, a helping hand not a slap in the face.  When McCain says he will clean up Washington remember its the republican party he is talking about.  We need a total cleaning out of these people who take our agencies and make them ineffective, remove safeguards, allow predators to unleash their criminal designs on people, and those who are responsible for getting government out of the way we should now vote for and expect them to help us, to change the direction we are heading?  

I say thanks, but no thank to that bridge to nowhere.

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Re: The Smoke and Mirror Show

Barack Obama largest recipient of political funds from mortgage giants Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae

The federal takeover of mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae may stabilize the economy and help the housing industry.

But some politicians could take a hit too, most particularly Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Individuals who list their employers as one of the two entities, plus political action committees formed by the government-sponsored firms that own or guarantee half the nation's mortgages, have donated $4.3 million to federal elected officials and their various campaign committees since 2005.

The money has gone to both Republicans and Democrats.

But Obama is the recipient of the largest individual money, at $111,849, according to federal campaign finance reports compiled by Times researcher Maloy Moore on/2008/09/mortgage-giants.html

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So silly

Employees.  Did you see that?  Employees.  That means that people who work for Fannie or Freddie have given more to Obama than McCain.  Since Obama has raised more money than McCain, that stands to reason, as pointed out in the very article you linked.

Please try to think a little harder before you just pull something random from your bag of smears.

by JJE 2008-09-13 09:07PM | 0 recs
Re: So silly

Barack Obama largest recipient of political funds from mortgage giants Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae

by gunner 2008-09-13 09:37PM | 0 recs
Re: So silly

gunner biggest poster of worthless comments

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