• congratulations to bluejersey.  I'm sure you inspire fear in all the right people.

    I'm not sure how we are ever going to be able to raise the funds to support these state and local blogs but it would seem to me to be a wise investment for democrats to fund sites like Raising Kaine and BlueJersey.   Establishment dems spend a huge amount of money trying to accomplish what these types of sites are doing for no money.  

  • on a comment on Hubris and Pluralism over 7 years ago

    can we put the myth of karl rove to bed at this point?  I think we can.  

    While we all heard him talking about how he had "his math" or the "real math" and acting with such bravado, I thought he was just doing it to try to put on a good face and get some more people to the polls.  However, it appears he believed it.   I'm glad they didn't put Joe Scarborough in charge of the RNC becaause at least that wingnut seems to get it.   His predictions were dead on.    

    Karl rove is closer to Borat than some sort of political genius.    

  • agreed.  I'm no clinton fan but hillary and bill both worked hard for Gillibrand.  Two visits by Bill in a campaign and one on election eve?  And bill and hill were all over upstate NY for all the candidates.

    I think the bloggers need to back off a bit on attacking people who have been helping our cause.   Its politics.   You'll never agree with everyone who is on your side.   Why are people attacking Obama the week before an election?   Why are people saying Spitzer has no chance at higher office while he is still only picking out his transition team?   He could end up being the best governor ever....that might count for something.   Why are people attacking hillary when we just fucking won?  

    And why is it such a big deal about who  gets credit in the press for this victory?   We won.  Where I'm from you don't start bragging about how you had more assists than the other guy on your team after you win.   The reporters always say the blonde guy was the best even though the real reason for the victory was the guy who played D and boxed out.   If you were instrumental in your team's victory, the people who need to know it, know it.   When you have power, you don't need to take credit for it.  And you the netroots have that power.   I know its a new thing for the netroots, but I think it would be better to savor our collective victory instead of trying to stake out our new found power.

    We all know Rahm threw $3 million away in Ill.   he knows it.  Rahm isn't going away.  Rubbing his nose in it probably won't help our cause.  

    Did you hear we took the Senate today?  

  • this is an urban myth.  I work my ass off and donate a lot of money to dems and i live in NY.  I voted for Howie Hawkins.  I want Hillary to go away.  

    But there is no way she spent $29 million on her campaign.  I want to see some numbers to back up that claim.  I just don't believe it. I saw some Hillary is for NY lawn signs.  They got changed to "hillary is for war" signs by the locals.   But $29 million?  does anyone have proof of that?   Am i so far out of of the mainsteam media that i could miss a $29 million spend?    

    If it is true she should be put out to pasture.  Her opponent fathered two children with his chief of staff while still married.  $29 could beat that guy.

  • comment on a post A few shout-outs for Netrooters over 7 years ago

    While there are many bloggers in NY who deserve praise you have to give a lot of credit to:

    Take 19  As their site now proudly states "Taken".

    20Trueblue  They broke at least one story on Sweeney's corruption and helped push several others into the mainstream press.  There is no way the Albany Times Union would've done a story on Abramoff and the northern mariannas if it wasn't for the great work of Dengre on dkos and the local blogs keeping the story out there.

    Rochester Turning - These guys are still blogging like its election night.   Relentless.  

    Walsh Watch  We came so close to picking up two more seats in NY.  I'm willing to bet Walsh Watch will be celebrating a victory in 2 years.

    Peter King Watch - these guys are already talking about how they are going to win in 2008.  

    NY 13  Fighting the good fight against Vito Fossella

  • the NY democratic party is to blame for this, not spitzer.  There was no effort, no website to speak of, nothing to support dems running for state senate.  

    I've criticized Spitzer on this very site (and had my comments deleted) but before any of you makes your first run for governor of NY I would recommend you hold off on the criticism.   He faced a republican funded dem in the primary that he had to deal with (Suozzi) and then he also had Hevesi's blunder to deal with the last few weeks.   The dems had a great day in NY.  and in 2008 we will take the state senate.   A bit of patience might be in order.  

    So if Spitzer leads the dems to a big state senate victory in 2 years, is he still in the doghouse?   NY is a disaster.  Winning the senate in 2006 might've just added more chaos to the next 2 years.

    that said, Denny Farrell and any other dems in charge should be ashamed for their weak performance in this election when it comes to the NY state senate.   There were no competitive statewide races.  What the fuck were they working on?  Planning victory parties?

    Gillibrand, hall, Arcuri.   Overall, tt was a good night here in NY.   Look out for 2008.

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    i waited in line today in my district in NY.  That was a first.  We have no competitive local races and all the dems are huge favorites and i'm in a very heavy dem district.   It would've been easy to sit this one out and not feel guilty.  It was looking like record turnout.  

  • paul

    could you elaborate on this comment

    The Democrats have done a great deal wrong in this race

    I'd like to hear what someone who is stating that a few days before the election thinks.  Are you denoucing Rahm?

    PS.  I know you don't like Obama, so let's skip that.  

  • comment on a post House Forecast Update: Cause For Concern? over 7 years ago

    I'm not buying it.  I'm not worried about these polls (we've seen enough questionable polls to know to not worry about these), i'm more worried about all the voter suppression the repubs are working at.   People are fed up.   Have you seen those Ohio numbers?  And the poll that came out today that showed Gillibrand up over Sweeney had her with strong support in rural regions.  Enough people get it at this point.   And at least in NY I think we have enough reasons why the generic polls are meaningless.   Sweeney has serious problems.  Same with Sue kelly.  Same with Kuhl and Reynolds.   And Walsh's district voted for Kerry.    We've got better candidates, they've got serious problems.  

    The goal was to win 15 seats.   I'm confident we will do that.  Anything else is icing on the victory cake.

  • good point.

  • i don't think they have diebold in PA.   Let's not fall prey to the Rovian Genius Myth.   Its Curt Weldon.  They guy has several investigations going right now and he is bat shit crazy.

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    we all owe bowers a big thanks for his efforts this go round.  Some would call what he has been saying is common sense.   But common sense seems to be very different from DC conventional wisdom.  

    Nice work, Bowers.  If we take back the house and we don't bomb Iran...i'm not sure how that looks on a resume but its something to be damn proud of.  

    PS.  I still think i can beat him in arm wrestling.

  • well, i guess if you were only in it to get to the second term and not concerned about ruining your party then you might consider Bush a good candidate/puppet.  

    somehow i don't think being "the architect" of this mess is going to be something that will give Rove a desirable place in the history books.  But, then again people like James "jimmy" Baker probably make a bit more money than you or me.  And if you are just in it for the money, who cares what they say about you?  Rove will die rich and hated.

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    if you were a genius, would you pick George W Bush as your candidate?

  • I agree.  I think Kos is guilty of a little of what Rove is guilty of.  Rove is faking his confidence.  Kos is claiming how the Republicans "know how to close and win elections" and thus we need to worry.   I don't buy it on either side.  The last 5 years have been a very unique situation for in the US.  For people with no ethics it has proven fertile ground.    

    Rove has used a very old and proven stragegy.  He didn't invent it.  If you are willing to start wars and invent bogeyman to advance your political power, you can win in the short term.  Its pretty simple.   Will you build your "permanent majority" with this approach?   Doesn't look like it.

    As others on this thread have pointed out, there are no right wing netroots.   Here in NY there is nothing on their side and a ton of people on our side like the great people at Take19 who are going to help get John Hall elected.  


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