New Poll in NY-26 Good News

Several of the other races in NY are getting a lot more attention (NY-20, for example) but this new poll shows that NY-26 is certainly going to be close as well.  

The race for the congressional seat in New York's 26th Congressional district between Congressman Tom Reynolds and businessman Jack Davis is neck and neck according to new scientific polling information.

The survey was commissioned by Channel 2 News and was completed by Survey USA. It breaks down as the following:

45% Tom Reynolds (R)
43% Jack Davis (D)
8% Christine Murphy (G)
4% Undecided

This was a district not included in Chris' wednesday overview.  No one has paid much attention as far as I can tell since there haven't been any polls.  But this is encouraging.   Chris had NY-29 (massa), 24 (Arcuri), 25 (Maffei) and 19(Hall).    In addition to those we have gillibrand in 20,  Johnson in 23 and a couple others to boot.  Hopefully if the wave does come, it will wash over most of NY.  

Update [2006-9-28 18:11:57 by democracyinalbany]: No need to fear the Green candidate. She got knocked off the ballot for legal reasons. Better news.

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Re: New Poll in NY-26 Good News

Good, though I'm going to been mad as hell if the Green Old Party throws another race to their Republican buddies, as this poll suggests may happen.

by Go Vegetarian 2006-09-28 10:51AM | 0 recs
Re: New Poll in NY-26 Good News
"Good news?" More like holy fucking crap that's absolutely amazing. Yeearrgghhh!!!
by Chris Bowers 2006-09-28 11:07AM | 0 recs

hey, i'm trying not to get too optimistic.  Perhaps i've been listening to Kos too much.   however, i am pretty happy about the way NY is shaping up.  

Especially since the only statewide candidate they had was Pirro...and with the FBI investigation and all I don't think she'll really turn out the vote.   If only our democratic Comptroller hadn't been using state employees to drive his wife around there would be no competitive statewide races for Republicans to want to turn out for.

by democracyinalbany 2006-09-28 11:38AM | 0 recs
Re: New Poll in NY-26 Good News

Wow, that's great news!  Because of the heavy union presence in his district, Davis will get a strong vote on the WFP ballot line that doesn't show up in the poll because they don't capture people voting by third-party line for a major party candidate.

I don't want to rely to much on one poll, but this confirms what we're seeing as we canvass and phonebank that a wave is coming.  The key thing is working hard enough to get the message out.

by SteveWFP 2006-09-28 12:07PM | 0 recs
Re: New Poll in NY-26 Good News

The good news: Davis not only has the WFP ballot line, he also won the IP ballot line which I believe went to Reynolds last time.  And he can self-finance  his race.

The bad news:  Look at that 8%.  Just look at that 8%.  Greenies, please don't cost us this.  This year we need Dems to Win.  Every.  Seat.  We. Can.

by ACSR 2006-09-28 12:47PM | 0 recs
Re: New Poll in NY-26 Good News

Agree with the good news part, but you missed the last line of the the diary: the Green candidate was booted off the ballot.

by elessar 2006-09-28 02:20PM | 0 recs


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