Dems in Denver 2008 ?

Denver is being touted as having the inside track for the national convention in 2008.  Although I understand the attraction of Denver for the Mountain West strategy, I have another suggestion.  Let's wait a few months and see if Senator Brown and Governor Strickland can invite our convention to Ohio.  There are a number of reasons that this makes strategic sense and it could also help underscore the miserable job creation record of the outgoing administration.  Other thoughts?

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Filibuster- And a Few Questions

Having listened for a while to the hue and cry for a filibuster; seemingly any filibuster, I have a few questions.  Provoking the Republicans to eliminate the filibuster in an unconstitutional manner is supposed to be the game plan.  The Democrats will then bring the business of the Senate to a halt using parliamentary procedures and then campaign for 2006 based on the Republicans not following the rules.  My questions after the jump.

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RON and a Tale of Two Voters

We here in Ohio are facing a knockdown battle to reform our state government.  The corrupt Republican establishment, the fundie churches, just a lotta people want us to vote No on Issues 2,3,4 and 5.  The Democrats, organized Labor and lots of other good people want us to vote YES. (I'm on the YES side by the way).  My tale of two voters after the break.

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Partisanship VS Ideology

In the ongoing and escalating idealogical jihad, a turning point has been reached.  If the forces of "purity" can drive as doughty a warrior as Jerome from these pages then we are indeed in trouble.  Jerome will be sorely missed in the next weeks and months.  And in a wider sense we will all be a little poorer for lack of his input.  


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