• Larry is and was a great candidate.  I donated last cycle and will be helping again this time.  I don't live in NC so can't vote for him but glad to help with donations and diary recommendations when the chance occurs.  Go Larry!

  • The only cases of voter fraud that I have seen documented in the last few years were actually committed by Republicans.  It seems that they had residences in Ohio and Florida and voted in both states.  This line of investigation was immediately abandoned by our SOS Ken Blackwell, cause well after all IOKIYAR.

  • Since this is broadband, couldn't this spectrum also be used to increase universal telephone access also?  I think that would increase the amount of support we might get from our more rural senators, they tend to look at phone access rather than the tubes.

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    How does anyone feel about approaching someone like Helen Thomas to represent us?  I think this might be an option if we couldn't get an actual blogger admitted to the White House press Corps.

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    Stone soup lunches around the district.  Just the kind of get togethers that Barry would be great at and that would help continue to grow the Democratic Party in this district.  Keep us informed regarding Barrys' plans for the next run.  I'll be happy to send a few bucks again, even though I don't live in the district.  Good to hear from you Sherri and good luck to you and Barry.
    p.s. recommended
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    Chris and Matt.  Keep up the great work.  Sent my $50 (well your $50 now).  Was glad to help with the laptop back when and would probably donate more if you guys could bring yourselves to ask more often.  A MYDD quarterly ask as was mentioned above might not be a bad idea.  Just a thought.

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    I think if MYDD puts some polls in the field this year and next, some media consolidation questions should be included.  Things like, "In view of the GWOT would you agree or not agree that it is dangerous to allow foreigners to control major television networks?".  I would just love to see the answer to this from the Faux News audience.

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    If my limited understanding of this procedure is correct, NO court has the authority to squash a Congressional subpoena.  Once it is issued it can only be followed or withdrawn at the will of the issuing entity.  Assuming they have the will to enforce it.  Interesting days ahead.

  • Was Pete so badly roughed up in 2004 that it is sure he won't run in 2008?  It was my impression that he had moved aggressively to shore up his (and the company's) image following the 2004 campaign in preparation for another run.  I think Udall would win anyway, but is this another possibilty?

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    Cornyn from Texas could do this.  Perry can appoint a place keeper and Cornyn would still be able to run for reelection in 2008.  All that blather about him being a possible SCOTUS pick wasn't just wasted hype IMHO.

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    I think the argument here is the inclusion of new constituencies to continue the power of the machines.  The machine is not inherently bad, the people who control the machine just try to hang on to the power they have rather than include new players.  This has been the challenge since the machines rose to power; will the newcomers be given access to the levers of power?  If so the machine continues; a la Chicago and Philadelphia.  If not the machine is destroyed by internal and external forces; a la the Tammany (sic?) machine in New York.  
    The argument can be forcibly made that the machines in Chicago and Philidelphia have not included the new players (African-Americans and Hispanics) to the extent that they should, but these groups have some access and therefore the machine continues.  Creaky but still working to the best of its admittedly limited abilities.
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    Jeb cannot be VP while his brother is President.  The Republic party made sure of this because of JFK and RFK.  At least that is my understanding.

  • The current mess in Colorado jumps to mind.

  • Well that should work both ways.  The netroots need to not choose unions as one of the groups to throw under the bus at the first opportunity.  What a beautiful marriage it could be; unions and netroots activists.  We just have to work to get there.

  • POS cash discounts would be a great idea.  I did notice that while traveling in Canada a number of merchants did offer a cash discount if you paid with US currency.  If you pay with a credit card they get paid in Canadian dollars.
    And on that subject, there is another credit card rip off.  The exchange rate on foreign purchases is calculated to the banks best advantage, not the consumer.  I used to work for GE Credit and for a small division of what is now Chase.  You wouldn't believe the crap these guys pull on a regular basis.


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