• Yes, let's fight this Republican dirty trick by endorsing a non partisan redistricting plan that would emphasize competitiveness as the main criteria for each new district.  Stop the incumbent protection scam in California and lets fight for every district.

  • Well to play devils advocate for just a moment.  Senator Boxers explanation didn't reveal why one shouldn't vote for this initiative; rather, she points out why one should vote for this one and the companion initiative to change the way districts are drawn.  I think this is actually the plan (if there is one).
    For the record, if I was a Californian i would vote against both.
  • Slightly off topic, but is there a quick way of seeing how the composition of the various circuits stack up at this time.  Specifically interested in the 11th and 5th, as well as the 6th.

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    What a fantastic diary.  Lots of good info here and sound analysis.  Thanks for the hard work.

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    My original comment was an acknowledgement that Hillary does indeed do her job.  It was also an observation that she is aware that she must be seen to do that job or it will have much more negative effects for her than it does for other candidates.  I consistently try to only comment in these types of threads when I can do so without bashing any of the candidates.  So won't be responding to the all Hillary, anti-Obama rhetoric.  Thanks.

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    This is just more proof (if you really needed it) that Hillary is going to dot all the I's and cross all the T's.  She knows that she has to be seen to be doing her job as well as everything else she has to juggle to reach the Presidency.  It's unfair, but she has had to put up with unfair for a long time now.  She isn't my candidate right now but I will definitely be supporting her if she becomes our nominee.

  • Thanks for the comment and the diary.  One of the things that we could also talk about is that if the Guard and Reserve are nationalized or a draft is instituted, an automatic tax increase should take effect.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% for the top 5 percentile and ALL capital gains.  That might stop the warmongers in their tracks, and if not we would have the money to help pay for the war.

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    I have thought since last year when Al worked so hard for the mid-terms that he would be a formidable candidate and that seems to be coming true.  Good Luck Al!

  • But we don't seem to be having a REAL policy discussion.  I am dead set against increasing the size of the military.  We do not need an increase of the standing army.  We actually need to decrease the size of the standing army.  At the same time we need to increase the size of the Reserves, National Guard and Coast Guard.  When we do that we also need to change the rules governing nationalization to prevent the use of these forces for agressive "preventive" (read illegal) wars.  And for those of you arguing for an increase of forces to cover emergencies such as Pakistan or an Iranian war, well thats what a draft is for. And I haven't seen a single comment referring to a draft and probably won't because we all know that the politicians can increase the standing army for their little war games but the American people won't let them institute a draft for that purpose.  Thats how we are supposed to be able to prevent this kind of crap.  

    Now that I have that out of my system.  No, the fact that the number of lobbyists has skyrocketed DOES NOT show that Wahington is the problem.  It shows that very rich and corrupt people understand that Washington is the solution and they are paying major dollars to keep control of that solution-providing mechanism.  I love JRE but as a populist or progressive he has to know this.  He does know this as his further comments show us, just wish he hadn't started with that whole "Washington is the problem" crap.  Sorry for the rant but this is one of my major pet peeves.
  • One of the aspects of this situation that I don't quite understand is this:  these folks are almost all lawyers.  If they are in contempt of a Congressional subpoena (and they are) why aren't the appropriate chairmen moving to have them disbarred.  Complaints to the relevant ethics committees in D.C. should at least produce a hearing to revoke their ability to practice law.  I'm not a lawyer but I would think this would produce some quick results.  Any legal eagles that could weigh in on this?

  • This is going to be a problem for ANY Democratic president.  The Pentagon has for far too long set the agenda for defense and foreign policy.  They set Bill up right after he came into office on the Don't Ask Don't Tell and he never managed to gain control.  Saint Colin Powell made sure that there was no effective civilian control of the nutcases running the military and of course the Bushies put Dr. Strangelove in charge.  If we win in 2008 we need to make sure there are massive amounts of "retirements" or the nut jobs will continue to run amok.  The current push to increase army and marine troop levels is just insane.  This has got to stop.

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    I was hoping to see a lot of speculation about who Blanco might appoint if he does resign.  Haven't really seen anything on that.  Who are we thinking about?  Landrieu, Nagin, the ever lovely John Breaux?  Come on, live a little and do some speculatin'.
    p.s. since we do have a majority, couldn't we refuse to seat him next Congress?  I believe that would be a simple majority vote and he would not be allowed to vote.  Could be wrong, Senate scholars let me know.  Thanks
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    Chris Bowers, Tim Tagaris, Jerome Armstrong.  You guys are the great part of the reason for my reconciliation with the Democratic Party.  I'd say I'll miss you Chris, but I'll just be following you at your new gig.  Congrats and good luck.
    p.s. to Matt: sometimes I'm with you and sometimes you drive me crazy.  Isn't that what good writing is all about, trying to start the conversation?  Good luck to you also.  And thanks to both of you.
  • This is absolutely correct.  We should actually set up a process for transitioning ALL our non-state territories to either statehood or nationhood.  Then we can go about the business of governing in a truly democratic fashion.  All the Pacific islands should either be grouped as a new state or added to Hawaii.


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