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    Tim Ryan is the real deal.  I have every confidence that he will be our next Democratic senator in 2010 and this video shows why.  Tim has worked tirelessly for years to help strengthen the party here in Ohio.  Ryan for Senate 2010 and BlueOhio 2007.  Best of luck on Tuesday.

  • An excellent idea and its too bad that Hillary isn't on board.  As to how you do this, well you pass a law changing the sentencing standards and instruct the various parole boards to use those standards to review past sentences and release prisoners as necessary.  It wouldn't actually be that hard a fix.  This would of course apply to federal cases ( I assume).  Individual states would have to pass similar laws to affect state sentences.

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    Nope, Sleazy and Slutty are the Republican dwarfs nobody wants to talk about.

  • A merchant is in violation of their merchant agreement if they institute any minimum for usage of a Visa/MC.  They are also in violation if they charge a fee for use of the card.  At least those were the rules when I worked in the industry several years ago and I can see no reason why the banks would relax those rules.  Any current workers at these banks care to share any info?

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    Screamer?  Interesting choice of words.  So the "Breck Girl" is now a "Screamer"?  Well better than outright calling him a "faggot" I suppose.  Save the right wing frames for your chats with Rush, mmmm kay?

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    No one was trying to hijack Obama.  He got himself into this mess and now wants to have things both ways.  NOT GONNA WORK.

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    Love me some diva-liscious!  Mojo for the laugh.

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    I can deal with the duplicity and hypocrisy, it's the overt throw me under the bus moments that cause me a problem.  I was ok with the dog whistle stuff but when the "Rev." Donnie got all "I have been saved from this horrible scourge" it drove me off the deep end.

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    I'm not sure where you came up with the idea that "no one believes that Senator Obama is a homophobe".  I'm sure that based on the evidence we see he is as much a homophobe as Rudy Giuliani is a racist bigot.  Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.  And for the record, Obama is running for the Democratic nomination so it doesn't matter if he would be a better candidate than Mitt or Giuliani cause we have Hillary and Edwards who both make better Democratic candidates than Obama. Hell, Dennis Kucinich (sp?) makes a better candidate at this juncture.  

  • They may care or not.  What's really telling of course is the fact that the Democrats would be crucified if they didn't make comments and there are crickets chirping when the Repubs don't.  It simply isn't expected and therefore isn't an issue.  What sad horrible little people they are.  Our candidates are to be commended.

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    There was some speculation about this affecting the fundraising mechanisms this cycle.  That if there are primaries in 2007 that would be considered an election cycle for fundraising purposes and all maxed out primary donors could max out again for the 2008 election cycle.  Anymore info on this out there?

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    This is the kind of information I read this site for, great work.  Thanks!

  • And this type of attitude is why the rank and file aren't Dem voters as they should be.  And I agree wholeheartedly that the flag rank officers are going to be thrilled to have another Clinton to ignore, but "proud of her", not so much.  That was the thrust of my comment.

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    Good for Gen. Clark to get this out "Now".  At least some of the kabuki is over.  I would vehemently oppose any military man being SecDef or SOS.  The country is overly militarized as it is.  If we want a SOS whose default position is bomb somebody or send troops in, well we could just bring back Maddy Albright, couldn't we?
    Sorry for the mini-rant but this is just incredible.  "The troops will be proud of her"?  This is supposed to be a reality based community, not spin central.  HRC will have an even tougher time of it with the military than WJC did.  This IMO is going to be the hardest task for her should she become President, getting the military back under control.
    p.s. for what its worth, I will happily vote for HRC if/when she becomes the nominee.
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    Time for the Governor to stop this nonsense and start running for Senator.


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