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    I think the police are falling into an increasing "US" versus the evil "Them" attitude, with the populace at large being the evil "Them".  All citizens are becoming targets and the minorities are just larger targets.

  • Recommended.  This is a conversation we need to be having across the country to help bring these young voters into the party.  We need these folks, this year and going forward.  Great work as always Mike.

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    "I know what's going on, I know exactly what's going on".  That kind of I'm the smartest guy in the room rhetoric wins ZERO points with the constituency he offended with the original remark.  It's almost more condescending than the original.  This only helps him with people predisposed to like him, not the people he has to try and win over.  He seems to have a tin ear.

  • Well as a Barry (Welsh) supporter, I am just horrified.  What in the h**l is going on here?

  • The Minority report position is voted on first.  But in your scenario, with HRC forces in control of the Credentials Committee, the minority position would be from the BHO forces either voting to uphold the DNC punishment or a 50/50 seating compromise.  I don't think that would pass.  I cannot envisage the majority of delegates voting to punish the Michigan and Florida delegations, I just don't think the BHO forces could enforce that kind of discipline on their delegates.  So in your scenario, having control of the Credentials Committee could indeed have a major impact on the nomination.

  • Well as much as I admire JRE and wish he was going to be our nominee, if he comes out for Hillary tonight I believe that Mr. Gore will endorse Sen. Obama tomorrow.  Just my take on the political situation as it stands.

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    I do have a question here for both sides.  Is it really set in cement that if both states send the delegations as currently set up, that the Obama forces can keep all their delegates in line for the vote?  What I mean is, can we be absolutely sure that the Clinton campaign cannot make a valid case to enough Obama delegates to win a floor fight to seat these delegations?  Since the Obama people keep saying that even with these two delegations Clinton can't win the nomination or even take the pledged delegate lead, what real difference will it make?

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    No reason we can't get a legal opinion from the FL att'y gen in a couple days.  Crist said he would back a revote so that should come out ok for a mail in.  The ballots can be printed and mailed to all registered Democrats within a couple weeks and have a drop dead date of last day of March.  Get Michigan onboard with this and we can have our nominee by first week of April.  Sounds doable.

  • Last info I saw was a guesstimate of $5 to $7 million for a mail in vote in Florida.

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    Seems odd to comment on my own diary, but here goes.  Reading the comments here just reinforces what I said previously.  The few thousand "I won't vote for her/him" bloggers will be left behind by the winds of political necessity.  This is a shotgun marriage made in heaven for the rank and file of the party.  The Clintons are well aware of this and have been signalling heavily all week.  Working the refs a lot, but still signalling they are open to a deal.  Lets get this done and move on to beating McCain in the fall.  Obama/Clinton 2008  Together, they will make history.  Thats our campaign slogan.  Thats the next 16 years.  Get on board and lets help make history.

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    Thank you.  Your recent diaries have all been positive and forward looking and Hillary should be proud to have you.  As you can see from comments, my attempt at uniting is not faring too well.

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    Do you really believe that 99% of Democrats in Clermont county voted in a primary election this year (2004 Dem GE vote 25,887 vs 2008 Dem primary vote 25,671)?  Come on, get real.

  • I find it fascinating that the backers of Obama as an agent of change, those people who see in Hillary all that is DLC and abhorrent immediately pick the most conservative or reactionary people to run as his running mate.  The top choices I see are Webb (ex Republican, horribly conservative), Biden (wholely owned subsidiary of the credit card companies), Clark (ex military, Clintonista) and on and on.  All insiders and not what we need.  Wake up people, we are choosing our nominee for 2016.  When we find out who his VP nominee is, that's when we knopw how serious he is about transformative change in America.  If it's one of the same old, then that will tell us something.
    And for what it's worth if you are going to do that, then why not pick the best of the bunch, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Clinton/Patrick 2016, sounds good to me.
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    Thank you for this.  I know Jerome doesn't really need the defence, but it has really been difficult for me to listen to some of the comments here lately.

  • What we are seeing is the beginning of the Martinez strategy on a national basis.  We are already seeing Republican polling and focus groups on how negative they can be.  Expect to see Sen. McCain throwing someone to the dogs for all kinds of inflammatory talk throughout the campaign.
    P.S. For those who don't remember, FL Senator Martinez is famous for throwing staffers overboard AFTER they make outrageous inflammatory remarks which happen to dogwhistle Republican neanderthals.  Needless to say, these staffers all find jobs with other Republicans.


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