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  • The issue was actually pushed from the ground up (thats called grassroots) not from the top down.  Most "Gay Rights" activists are on record as saying they would not have picked this fight. But since a number of individuals did by sueing to gain their rights under the constitution there was really nothing the national groups could do but pitch in to help.  I agree that this put the party in a bad situation tactically but it did not have to affect the overall ticket.  In fact, I believe that we are finding out more info everyday that shows the "values voter" did not cause the 2004 debacle.  Kerry just ran a lousy campaign.
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    That is the frame we need to be using.  I don't want something special, I just want what I'm guaranteed in the Constitution.  Some talking points might be that we consider marriage a "sacred institution" and that sacrament should be administered by clergy, NOT the state.  If your clergyperson will marry you then the state should grant you a license.  Something to think about. Maybe we can even get the Mormons to help us since under this theory, polygamy would be legal.
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    Having had the distinct pleasure of hearing Senator Edwards during the 2004 campaign, I wholeheartedly agree that he stands above the others as a speaker.  His emphasis on populist themes also endears him to me.  Remains to be seen if he can garner enough money to be credible.
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    OHHH  It's stupid because its dumb.  Guess I'm still waiting for an explanation that can never exist.  Thanks for nothing though.
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    Well perhaps they are, but they seem to be smart enough NOT to vote for people who call them stupid.  THIS is the party's problem in the south.  It isn't just bigotry and racism, it is the continuing posturing by our candidates in every national election.  Gore is a perfect example, although elected from TN when he became VP he disconnected from his home folks.  When he would fly into Nashville on friday night at rush hour and close down the main highway for 2 hours people just felt he was high hatting them.  That is a southern term that means you think you are better than others you grew up with.  So maybe WE are the stupid ones.  And before I get called a racist, let me add that I am not advocating that we pander to the racists.  Good old fashioned populist policies will work just fine down south.
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    Thanks for the link.  The vote totals look bad for the Dems but we'll hope that is just due to all the interest in the Repub race.  Here in Dayton the local paper had a 10 paragraph story and only the last paragraph mentioned that Hackett won.  I sent him a donation yesterday, I think he can win but then we have to do it all over again next year.
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    Can't seem to find the raw vote totals on this race, just the percentages.  Can anyone provide a link?  The numbers are important to see how big a differential there is between the Dem and Repub totals and then where they came from. Thanks if you can help.
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    Quote "In January, the US lowered textile quotas on Chinese textiles"  The market was then flooded with Chinese textiles.  US textile workers were then unable to obtain wage increases.  Cause and effect.  There is no magic bullet ladies and gentlemen.  Special kinds of skill sets that other countries don't have or can't develop just don't exist.  The last group of that kind of skill set is sending the job market in India through the roof.  We have to get serious about defending US workers in our trade agreements.  The Democratic Party has to get back to our roots and start protecting our working men and women. Nuff Said.
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    Is there any reason the VDP can't nominate Bernie?  Seems like I remember the Conservative Party in NY doing this for the repubs before.  Then he would have the endorsement of the Dems and the Progressives.
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    This ties into the DNC effort to revitalize the grassroots.  I believe N Dakota and W Virginia are on the short list of states that have or are receiving the new funding to help revitalize the state parties.  Great post as always Chris.
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    While normally these numbers might spell trouble for a long term incumbent, I think we have a different dynamic working in West Virgina.  Senator Byrd is like family to many and so its ok if they take potshots at him but they won't vote him out if he asks for one last term.  The Senator will have to campaign more vigorously than in years past but with the help of the DNC grassroots organizing he should come home with at least 55% if not more.  After all, the man is an institution and this is a southern (small s) state where they tend to honor their elders.
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    Dr. Deans commitment to rebuilding the grassroots of the party got a small contribution from me.  My first to the national party.  Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen, 2006 is almost upon us.
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    Time to see if we can get Metzenbaum to run for governor, he could raise hell and throw the bums out.  I would love to see him rip Blackwell et al apart.  Howard was always great theater
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    Wish we could draft Glenn for senator to run against Dewine.  With his squeeky clean image I think he could beat him.


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