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    If Rehnquist steps down I think we get Gonzales for Chief and possibly Luttig for Associate.  Absent the Rehnquist resignation I believe you are absolutely correct that we will get Gonzales.  Not the best of all possible worlds but then we don't get to pick 'em.  
    Good post Jonathan, recommended.
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    I think the case could be made that strict constructionist judges might actually AGREE with the 9th Amendment argument.  Nowhere is the power to prevent abortion granted to the government so that power is reserved to the people or in this case the individual.  Granted the counter argument can be made that murder is against the law and then we start into legislation as to when a fetus becomes a person having rights.  But thats a whole other battle.
  • Do the stats show how well the state party blogs (if any)do in the traffic department?  And is there any info regarding the Repub state party blogs versus Dems?  Would it help if the individual state parties started blogs and if so could that be organized thru DNC?  If so, then possibly the county parties or local politicians might be able to get into the act.  
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    You get a 3 just for the Larry Tribe comment.  Realisticly though, I am afraid that Justice Kennedy is going to be the leader of what passes for the liberal wing of the court.  And that scares me a whole lot.
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    I would tend to disagree that we will have a 3 way play if Rehnquist retires soon.  This would drag the fight out thru the 2006 elecion cycle and I don't think the Repubs want to fight about that issue for the midterms.  My guess is we would get Gonzales for Chief and possibly Luttig for Associate justice.  
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    Sherrod is really the obvious challenger to a very weak Mike Dewine.  I sincerely hope he makes the run for the good of the party and the nation.
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    Money's tight right now but sent $20.  We need you working all the time.  Good Luck.
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    In this most conservative of districts, I think Hackett would be making a great mistake to make his main focus the Iraq War.  The country isn't ready to repudiate this President on this issue.  At least, not yet, not here.

    That being said, I think Paul has a great shot at winning as I said earlier.  HACKETT FOR OHIO-02!

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    Already sent my donation.  This would be a great start to the next election cycle to pick up Portman's seat.  34 DAYS LEFT!

  • "Hackett is a poorly defined candidate running against another poorly defined candidate."  And since the other poorly defined candidate is a Republican in a heavily Republican district that means she wins.  She doesn't have to define herself because of that (R) after her name.  Drawing bright lines of distinction is probably not his best move right now.

    I was under the impression that the 50 State Strategy was all about closing ranks behind the person who wins the primary and helping to make sure that the person with the (D) after their name wins the election.  This would be one less vote for Hastert and Delay.  Another great reason to support your partys nominee.  

    RE: coherent diaries, I would agree that Chris has some excellent post but Pounder has also been dogging this story. (Coingate)

    As to why the Ohio party is so pathetic, it is my belief that it is caused by Wahington-itis.  Every halfway decent Ohio Dem for the last 25 years has wanted to get to Washington instead of trying to build and improve the state and the party.

    Finally, being new to blogs and commenting on them, I may not be as coherent as you might like.  That doesn't make my opinions any less valid, just not as well written as others.  Practice will hopefully help in that area.  

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    Thanks for the Hackett info.  This race is truly important and seems to be falling thru the cracks.  Hackett can win this race if he gets the support he needs. 34 DAYS!  We can do this.
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    Paul Hackett is running for Ohio-2, one of the most Republican Congressional Districts in the country.  Although this is one of the few special elections this year, it seems that he is getting little support from the state or national party.  In addition, every diary regarding this election seems to disappear into oblivion, no comments, no recommendations, no help for Paul.  This seat is winnable if he gets the help he needs.  Please show some of the support for a 2005 election that is already being shown for some 2006 primary elections which are months away.  This election is in 34 DAYS.  Hackett needs all the help he can get TODAY!  Sorry about the rant, but this is important.
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    Where is the help for Hackett?  I see no signs that the state OR national party is on the ground in Ohio-2.  This is the only election we have right now folks.  Paging Dr. Dean, Paul Hackett could use your help.  The 50 State Strategy needs to start right now.  We really can't wait until 2006.  HELP!!!
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    It is my understanding that the Guard can be mobilized and deployed overseas by the Federal gov't under a state of emergency declaration.  Has there been such a declaration or can the various state gov'ts call their troops back?  And if there is such a declaration what is its duration and what other powers might the Federal gov't invoke under the state of emergency?  If anyone has a link that might help I would appreciate the info.
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    Gore/Edwards 2008  Clark for Sec of Defense  Kerry for Sec of State (so Teresa can run against Santorum next year).  Well a guy can dream I guess.


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