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    I actually think this is an ongoing strategy for the Obama campaign.  I think the point is to emphasize the grumpy old guy factor by stressing the "Ok, evrybody knows you're a hero so just calm down" meme.  If you introduce every remark to or about McCain by saying what a hero he is or how much you agree with his previous point, at some point people filter that out and just hear the last part which is the criticism.  And everybody has a crotchety family member that they have to pacify by saying how much they "understand" what they said and "you may have a point, but..."  

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    Anecdotally from Ohio.  I would have to agree, I have yet to see any evidence of the incredible organization I keep hearing about.  Paul Hackett had a diary up on DKos about Ohio and the problems as he perceived them.  Needless to say, it was not well received.  
    We have our nominee.  I guess I'll just trust that he knows what he's doing.  But from a ground level perspective, the comments I keep hearing don't bode well.  Obama/Biden 2008
    From a grieving Ohioan, R.I.P. Stephanie Tubbs Jones.  One of the lights of the world has gone out.
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    Has ballot fusion been approved in Oregon?  If not, is there a possibility that this might hurt to some small extent?

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    How nice.  A substantive, informative diary on the rec list.  Thanks to Project vote for the update and the contact info.  I recommended this to help get it onto the rec list, but a few comments wouldn't hurt.

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    I am right with you.  I can't believe that we aren't turning this back around on them by calling it what it is, just another racist attack.

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    ALL childbirth is life threatening to a certain degree.  Just as all operations are life threatening to a certain degree.  Ok now?

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    Recommended.  Very nice to see you here Bruce.  Good info and really thought provoking.  The country can certainly use the investment.

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    Well if its our presumptive nominee speaking to the Petrified Forest of the Village; then yes, it probably is.

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    As a good politician, Obama is aware of the shitstorm this would cause.  He is still only the "presumptive nominee" after all.  I think I can say that no Republican will be nominated for VP at the convention in Denver.

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    Senator Feingolds posturing on this is just funny really.  If he wanted to stop it, he could.  The first words out of his mouth at each session would be "I object".  Then a lack of quorum call.  Then a motion to adjourn.  Then "I object".  Then another lack of quorum call.  On and on.  He doesn't have to do a real filibuster, he just needs to slow things down so much that nothing can get done.  Any senator that wants to can bring Senate proceedings to a screeching crawl if they really want.  Its the beauty of the Senate rules, they allow for infinite delay.  We just have any senators with guts enough to pull this.  

  • Interesting as always.  Glad to see you here recently.  Maybe I just missed you before.

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    Recommended.  I would urge everybody who can to follow the link above and give a little to a truly nice gentleman and a great candidate.  Thanks for the update Southern Dem.

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    Senator Obama needs to leave Social Security alone.  There is no crisis; repeat, no crisis.  Stop opening the door to the destruction of Social Security.  He has lots of other real problems to deal with without making up false ones.

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    I think we will see the Clintons camped out in Appalachia from now until the GE.  That combined with Obamas undoubted monetary advantages may net him some states, or at least force St John to play defense.
    p.s. Don't want this comment to be perceived as anti-Obama.  I just think that this is where the Clintons can be most helpful.  I fully expect that African American voting is going to be off the hook, so if he can bring his numbers up in the more rural areas some of these states will really be in play.  Obama 2008!
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    Still surprised that Hobson retired but I guess he couldn't take life in the minority.  Thanks for the news.  Now if we could get rid of Turner here in OH-03 things would be so much better.


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