• I'm not quite sure why those two race baiters would come to mind.  Their conversions were highly overrated and highly political in nature.  That being said, many of their constituents believed that they truly repented and forgave them.  Those folks are certainly of higher moral fiber than me, I didn't and don't forgive them.

  • What would be disrespectful in not having invited Pastor Hatemonger in the first place?  There are thousands of ministers who weren't invited.  The disingenuous is all on the other side in defending this move, at least from my little ghetto anyway.

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    Doesn't this just give Harper time to find the correct incentive to buy off the BQ?

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    Not that it matters but there are a few things I'd like to get thru.  E-harmony has a business plan that matches "men" with "women" (much like defence of marriage laws).  What is their qualifying procedure?  How do they tell?  By looks?  Well I've got some pictures I could show you that might shake your belief in your ability to tell by looks alone.  Just take their word for it?  If they say they are male or female, then thats good enough?  Well we know these homophobes won't put up with that.  Well you see where that argument is going so I won't belabor it.
    As for some of the other argument here well:
    you can speak for every person alive if there aren't any people that say they are Black when all their life they said they were White... which happens
    you can speak for everyone if there aren't people that say they are White when they are of African American, Native American or other ethnic heritage... which (horribly) still happens.  Well you get where I'm going here too.  Prejudice is despicable where ever it occurs.  Peace and love.
  • We in Ohio are truly thankful that after Ken Blackwell we have Jennifer to take care of business.  Thanks for this EDR rundown, great info.

  • I've read some of what you have here also.  As a gay man who has tried to interest the brethern in voting in the past,ehhh, not so good.  Maybe this was the wakeup call that we needed.  Hate to say it.

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    I saw some info that voter turnout in SF was lower than the state average this time.  If so, then Gavin needs to check what the heck his GOTV folks were doing.  Methinks he took his eye off the ball cause he was looking to run for Gov in 2010.  Villaraigosa (sp) whipped his ass in turnout percentages.

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    Evan Bayh ehh?  Well Bill and Hillary better call this dog to heel right quick.  Evan needs to understand that Obama won Indiana without him, so he should be real quiet for awhile.

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    The Senate does have the right to expel Senator Stevens but they have no methodology to force Alaska to conduct another election.  If he doesn't resign, he's the Senator until the next election.  It sucks for Alaska but there ya go.

  • From your keyboard to Gods ear/eye.

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    The elites side tracked the socialist trends of the late 1800's and early 1900's.  They never gave FDR credit for keeping the masses from stringing them all up during the Great Depression.  They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing, long live the aristocracy.

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    Actually not correct.  The Senate establishes its rules at the beginning of each Congress and that vote is a simple majority vote.  It would be possible to change the number of votes needed to filibuster at that time.  The weird procedural vote you reference would have been needed to change the number in the middle of a session.

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    As I read this, the key reason for retaining him is that the troops want to keep him, is that correct?  If so, then he HAS to be replaced.  The military/Pentagon has been WAY out of control for a number of years.  Reassertion of rational civilian control of the military is essential.  The names mentioned above are also absolutely out of bounds.  Sam Nunn the Powell enabler under Clinton?  ummm NO.  Senators Hagel and Webb Republican and former Republican.  No and No again.  If I had my way Dennis Kucinich would be in charge of the Pentagon on Jan. 20.

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    No way.  His Pentagon just submitted a budget calling for $450 biliion more in the next 10years and they openly admitted that it was really political, not military requirements.  This would be even worse than Clinton leaving Powell in charge, and we see where that got Big Bill.  Powell sandbagged him ASAP.  Not just no, but hell no.  There also need to be major changes in the make up of JCOS.  Lots of retirements please.

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    Just so we are clear.  If the state constitution says we can get married, then the legislators AND voters who drew and approved the constitution have ALREADY voted on the matter.  No more legislation should be needed, but thanks for playing.


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