• Why aren't the prosecutors requesting the death penalty?  If anyone qualifies, this guy does.  Let him drag his appeals out forever if he wants, but there would be no way he ever leaves jail alive.

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    Well I don't think we need post- or pre-mortem diaries.  But if I see "Well think of the alternative" one more time I think I'll lose what little is left of my sanity.  I think of the alternatives a lot these days.  I chose the one we have, but certainly not happily.  I could see some of these problems a long while ago.  Better than Senator Bitter Old White Guy? Absolutely.  Better than Senator Ex-First Lady?  All we can do is hope.  So I do.

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    We need to end the direct election of Senators.  That will put a stop to all the money nonsense.  If they take any money, it will be seen as a bribe since they aren't running a reelection campaign.  The direct election of senators is the most pernicious result of the "Reform" Era.  It was framed as being more democratic (small d) but the result was that popularly elected governors or legislators no longer chose the states representatives and the big money people have been buying Senators ever since.  
    Combine the repeal of direct election of senators with a chnage in reapportionment of representatives and that will go a long way to correct the gridlock we see in Congress.
  • Your math is wrong.  1% of a billion is $10 million, a quarter of that is $2.5 million  not $25 million.  Unless I misunderstood a quarter percent.  And the way you offset this is to have your broker reduce his commission a little bit.  This is a feature of the program, not a bug.  One of the reasons to institute this type of fee structure is to reduce the parasitical nature of commissions nad increase governmental revenue.

  • Another Ohioan here that supports Ms. Brunner.  She is much the better of our two options over Lee Fisher.

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    The role of LBJ to be played by Barack Obama, the role of Richard Nixon to be played by Mitt Romney.  I hate to sully the memory of a great progressive by saying HHH will be played by Joe Biden.  And the betrayers will be played by Russ Feingold as Gene McCarthy and; of course, no one will play RFK.  2012 may well be a replay of 1968 with the players listed.
    p.s.  Mike Huckabee as George Wallace.  
  • What a horrible excuse for a DNC CHair.  He and his ilk don't want all people to have rights, just old, straight white guys.  Oh, and of course the President has rights too cause otherwise ol' Tim wouldn't have a job in politics.

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    IANAL, but I think the legal case could be made that since there is no testing requirement in any of these amendments, no marriage is actually valid.  There is case law where someone had a sex change (male to female) and when her husband died, the family sued to have the court hold that they weren't legally married and set aside the surviving spouses inheritance.  The case was in Texas or Oklahoma IIRC.

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    What in the world would make you think that Mr. "Let's change the Terror condition for political reasons" isn't a political sellout?  Ridge is a political hack just like Arlen.  Only difference is Tom lied to all of us to help his boss win an election and Arlen as always is just out for himself.

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    Possibly not the way to characterize the women she is talking about.  But it was very interesting to see the info about the prison work crews and the possible affects on recidivism.  Would like to see some more pilot programs highlighting these types of work programs for inmates as well as people sentenced to community service.  Sounds like it could be win-win.

  • I think we should revoke the previous amendment and go back to gubernatorial appointments for ALL Senate seats.  The idea that "the people" aren't represented is just ludicrous.  Senators aren't supposed to represent the people, they represent states.  Thats how this was supposed to work.  Direct election of Senators has led to a vast increase in money in politics, and a focus on Washington instead of local state government.  If we want to change all that, let's abolish the Senate all together and go to a Parliamentary type of government.

  • If what we are seeing is about $520 billion over two years, then we are getting about a quarter of what we need.  If I'm understanding Krugman and others, they are calling for a trillion this year and possibly another trillion for next year and then we will see where we stand.  It can't just be given to bankrupt financial intitutions so they can keep the party going either.  It needs to be spent productively, something these masters of the universe don't quite understand.  I really wish Congress would put Elizabeth Warren in charge of disbursements and give her the discretion to veto anything the new Treasury Secretary proposes in the way of frivolous spending.

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    I guess this shows that Jeb is the smart one.

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    Charles, a great diary that needed so much more attention and discussion.  Truly sorry we could only muster 2 comments.  Maybe we can revisit this after the holidays?
    p.s.  accept my belated welcome to the site.  I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.
  • Actually all those bases are covered since most of the Republican Senators will be in attendance.  Thus we will have plenty of racists and anti-semites on hand.


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