FISA Strategy That Will Never Happen

Thanks to Senator Dodd for the stance he has taken in this fight.  His sometimes supporters deserve some gratitude also.  That being said, the time has come for one voice. One Senator to decide that this is the ultimate fight and therefore the ultimate tools must be used.  The rules of the Senate allow one Senator to bring the body to a grinding halt if they so choose.  That Senator would face incredible pressure and wouldn't really be part of "the Club" after this was over but they could do this.  More after the break.

Monday at noon, our brave senator would rise and say "Objection" when the first question is asked by the chair.  Then they would insist on a yea and nay vote on the question, and then they would suggest the lack of a quorum.  Later, after a quorum was assembled, they would immediately rise to move for adjournment.  They would also ask for a yea or nay vote on that motion.  Repeat for the next 9 hours.  The obstacles a Senator can put in the way of procedural votes and quorum calls and motions for adjournment are literally endless.  All of these motions are privileged under Senate rules which means they are always in order and acted on prior to anything else unless the Senate is in the middle of a vote.  If you do it right, they might still be amending the Record of the previous day by the time the SOTU is ready to go.  Our brave Senator would be throwing him/herself under a bus because this kind of procedural delay infuriates their colleagues but really, isn't the Constitution worth it?  I believe it is, unfortunately I know none of our Senators will do this.  

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