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    i wasn't being sarcastic, i was simply stating a mindset until 1998.

    [well, maybe i was being sarcastic...i apologize.  that does not, however, negate the truth my statement.]

    and in response to your rebuttal, there was very little "backlash" in 1996.  it would be interesting to see polling data, but my guess is no more than 5-10% of voters knew Ken Starr's name in 1996.  

    compound this with the fact that a fundraising scandal immediatley before the election cost clinton and house dems votes (and therefore probably seats), and suddenly the achievements of the DCCC that year are even more impressive.

    but none of this really matters because i don't think politics should be about "taking credit" for something.  the fact is--not to mention the whole point of my original post--that martin frost and howard dean are the only two candidates with a history of a) winning themselves and b) helping others win.  i am not saying they deserve sole credit for a) and b), but i'd certainly take them over rosenberg (who has never ponied up for a tough race) or fowler (when was the last time he won anything?).  

    anyhow, given the nature of the DNC post--and the occupants prime objective: WINNIGN--ones record should be of paramount importance to members.

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    Check you dates.

    And no, Martin doesn't get all the credit.  That's like saying Clinton gets all the credit for the 90s boom.  But I sure would like to see Clinton be able to take the reins again...

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    How many primaries in which Dean ran had a DPI of 35%???

    Exactly, but that's not the point.

    First to address your underlying question, I think Frost's ads spoke to one issue: airline security.  Frost is no fan of George Bush's, but rather he was pointing out that Pete Sessions (his opponent) was too conservative even for most Republicans.

    Frost's Democratic credentials are unimpeachable.  Plus, when did the Dems pick up seats in the House since 1994 (the only time, mind you)?  When Martin Frost was chairman of the DCCC.

    Confusing political strategy with poltical beliefs may be one reason we're in the position we are today.

  • Roemer is a non-entity.  The man has no spine.  Has he ever stood up and fought when things aren't in his favor: less favorable district and he folds his cards.

    Dean and Frost are the passionate fighters in this race.  I would love to see either of them tear a Republican whipping boy to shreds.

  • Dean is tough and Frost is an animal (I saw some of his debates with Pete Sessions courtesy of CSPAN), but Rosenberg comes off as weak.  On top of that, he strikes me as way to provincial.  The man has lived in DC his whole professional life.

    As for Fowler, he might be good in a grad school seminar, but on Russert???

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    Rosenberg's credentials invariably include some measure of his success targeting Hispanic voters.

    What, then, about the fact that 50% of first-time Hispanic voters cast their ballots for Bush?  

    This doesn't sound like a Rosenberg success to me.

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    While I agree with Michael's analysis of the cast of characters, I am not sure putting their qualities in the context of a Sunday Morning Talk Show is the best thing to do.

    Is our party's deficiency, in so far as any (beyond losing, of course) exists, going to be solved by having an oratorically gifted Brad Pitt look-alike doing spin-patrol on Sunday mornings?

    I don't discount the need to project our message, but I think the facade of the messenger should be the least of our concerns.


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