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    You, Anna, are a joke.  

    First you argue that bloggers should be taken seriously (which I do agree they should, assuming they conform to certain ethical standards similar to journalists), then you flagrantly and irresponsibly attack Frost, then you complain that your privacy has been violated (by the very fact that your PUBLIC blog was "discovered"), and now this?  

    Your rants are no more valuable than the Republican Noise Machine, and you make me sick.

    Do you have no understanding of politics whatsoever?  Do you really think the Democratic Party is going to win over voters by sitting at their computers and talking to like minded people?  How you can't see Frost's new role as a benefit to the party is beyond me.

    The blogsphere is VERY valuable, but only insofar as it disseminates information to activists willing to confront those who share opposite viewpoints.  Invigorating our base is necessary, but not sufficient.  Expanding our base, however, is.  Martin Frost, on Fox (Faux) News, can do that.

    Did you even watch him yesterday?  It was great to see someone with intelligence and credibilty making those Republicans look like the morons they are.

    If you can't recognize the political value of having a strong Democrat speaking to those who right now vote against us then you may as well return to your some "private" blogosphere and save the party--to whom Martin Frost is bravely working FOR--from your innane rants.

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    ...your point?

    Kermit the Frog generally does a Commencement Address or two, but you don't see me trying to get him elected President.

    And with Kermit, at least you have some personality...

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    Speak truth to power, and in a democracy truth will always win.
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    Yes, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.

    I'm not fan of Fowler either, but the fact is he did get a majority of the votes cast.

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    ...was a classy post.  Thank you, Michael.

    We disagree on many things, but that is the beauty of democracy.  

    Come February 12th, I expect (regardless of who wins) we'll be united more than ever.

  • Rosenberg isn't even Jewish, dumbass.
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    And I'll say it here:

    Michael, you don't know what you are talking about.

    I like Edwards, but before you start using him to put Frost down you may want to remember that is was FROST who voted AGAINST the Gay Marriage Amendment and EDWARDS who voted for it.

    So while I don't think you are trying to mislead people intentionally, I do think you should do your due diligence first.

  • by the way: never seen that photo.  THAT ROCKS!
  • i can't speak authoritatively on anything in your post with the exception of your comment about the clark people:

    didn't frost endorse clark?  and, if i recall, clark did a fundraiser for frost in dallas.  i even think i recall getting a robocall from clark.

    so a) i'd be shocked that clark people would be mad at frost, and b) maybe frost held off on embracing dean's candidacy because he wanted to clark to run.  that doesn't me he was opposed to it, just that he knew who he was going to support someone else.

    also, this just found this on the frost website.  seems this guy can speak authoritatively on the ads issue:

    Statement from the Dallas Co-Chair for Kerry/Edwards on Smear Attacks on Martin Frost  

    "As co-chair of Dallas for Kerry/Edwards during 2004 and as a precinct chair in Congressional District 32, I feel compelled to respond to the recent attacks against Martin Frost which distort the context and effects of ads that Frost ran in the last campaign. The TV ads in question highlighted the extreme stance of Republican Pete Sessions on air security - period.  Frost, by standing and directly confronting his opponent, Sessions, on an issue that the Republicans were trying to claim as their own - gave Democrats the courage and motivation to do the same all over Dallas County.  The result - we elected four new Democrats and created hundreds of new party activists in Dallas County.  I feel certain that Gov. Dean, like me, believes the time has come to start fighting Republicans instead of attacking our own - It is my hope that he will instruct his campaign to do likewise."

    Bruce Rothstein
    Dallas Co-Chair for Kerry/Edwards Campaign

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    Because I disagree with you so often, I thought it only fair to tell you when I think you are right.

    This is such a case.  You make a good point here.

    [Nonetheless, I think there are more important factors at play in deciding who should be DNC Chair, hence my support of Frost.  But still, you make a fair point.]

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    Would Dean counter the image or rather reinforce it?  I fear the latter, hence my support of Frost.

    I just posted something on dKos about Frost as a MODERATE voice with a LIBERAL agenda--I think this is where his appeal lies.  He is able to speak to the widest audience of all the candidates while still maintaining his core Democratic principles.

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    I think that's a gross exxageration.  But yes, there were DCCC expenditures--I know they ran ads, and they may have had people in the field.

    But you insinuate that Frost ran through $7mil in the same way Dean ran through $50mil.  And I don't think that is a fair comparison to make, especially when you have your numbers wrong.

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    Frost, to the best of my knowledge, spent around $4 mil, not $7 mil.
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    Thanks for reading, Andrew, and thanks for your kind commments.

    There is one part of you comment I want to (and think I can) respond to:

    ... and your statement about the "smaller democratic base," appears to imply you believe in the "move to the center" approach which echoes Frost's own comments when he was running against Pelosi for House Minority Leader. I strongly disagree.

    I don't necessarily think Frost will move us any further to the right.  As I say, he is a moderate voice with a liberal agenda.  

    I think this is an important distinction to make, because I truly belive we do not have to sacrifice our core Democratic principles in order to appeal to people in the center (or even center-right) of the political spectrum.

    Take, for example, HRC's comments about abortion.  She stood firm on her commitment to a woman's right to choose--a firm Democratic principle.  But she also talked about how we need to try to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies--something we all (including Republicans) can agree on.  

    Anyhow, one example of being a moderate voice with a liberal agenda.

    [But please don't construe this as suggesting MF and HRC to be one and the same.]

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    Point to specific past actions that show that he gets it.

    "He did this not by following the status quo, but by recreating the DCCC.  What did he do?

    [This took some research, so thanks to the Frost website for having this information.]

    -Changed the idea that one, national message was how you win elections.  Frost, against the advice of Washington insiders, conducted regionalized and district specific polling to craft messages that spoke to their target audience.

    -Was the FIRST DCCC chair to hire staffers to target base voters during non-presidential elections, and the first to hire Hispanic media consultants.

    -Reorganized the DCCC by separating fundraising and political strategy.  This division of labor clearly worked, as the DCCC won races and raised $80 million dollars."


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