Palin in Comparison

This morning, Senator John McCain chose his Vice Presidential nomination.  It was widely expected to be Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney, or possibly even fallen Democrat Joe Lieberman.  When Senator McCain made his selection, the country stepped back, shook its head, and collectively went, "Whaaaa?"

After asking myself "What the fuck is a Sarah Palin?", Sarah Palin, at first appearance, seems to be the bizarro Liz Lemon.  She is 44 which technically makes her a MILF... and her appeal ends there.

Palin has been governor of Alaska for less than two years.  With a population of 660,000 people, being Governor of Alaska is comparable to being mayor of mayor of Columbus, Ohio (Columbus actually is more populous with a population of 712,000).

Before that, her experience is limited to being a councilperson and Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, population 9,000. (For reference I was a Senator for the De Anza College Associated Student Body Senate; De Anza College in Cupertino, California has 25,000 students who would have been my constituents.)

Sarah Palin is a heartbeat away from the presidency - a possibility given Senator McCain's advanced age and prior battles with cancer.  She is SUPREMELY unqualified for the office of the Presidency of the United States; it is not simple enough to say that she is not experienced enough, but rather she lacks experience - period.

Republicans were likely to carry Alaska anyways - and maybe this will help embattled and indicted Senator Ted Stevens in his re-election bid if he avoids conviction.  But aside from that, she brings nothing to the ticket except trouble.

Congratulations, Senator McCain - you seem to have tapped the single most unqualified governor or senator in the country for the simple reason that she has ovaries.  

Oh man, he is gonna SO lose hard.

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Oh My GOD... a shift of 6 delegates

For all the bluster and hubbub over the Pennsylvania Primaries last night, there is one thing that is going underreported, something that is absolutely pivotal in putting the PA Primary into perspective.

The overall shift of delegates was 6.

looking at the delegate count remaining, Obama only needs half the super delegates and half the regular delegates to clinch the nomination - meaning no floor fight at the convention, an honest clinch.  The magic number? 303.

Clinton, on the other hand, would need to take it to the convention WITHOUT Obama clinching the nomination beforehand in order to get michigan and florida seated, which has already been ruled out.

What does that mean? that means this madness and Clintonian excercize in futility will continue and Guam, Guam of all places, will play an important role in Presidential politics while John McCain sits back on his craftmatic adjustable bed installed on the straight-talk going 35 in the fast lane on the way to courting democratic voters, having already consolodated  his own party.

This needs to end. Clinton needs to drop out. The only way she can win is by browbeating an shimshaming Obama out of a delegate lead.

If she really cares about the party, if she really cares about the country, if she raelly cares about ending the war, the bush tax cuts, the war on science, etc., she needs to end this sillyness and drop out.


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SNL Obama Endorsement

Bitch may be the new black, but black is the new president, bitch."

   - Tracey Morgan, SNL, March 16th 2008

Well, its official - the SNL Primary is in a dead heat with 0 delegates at stake.

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The State of the Primary best described by this cartoon. .jpg

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Hillary is Still Losing

The delegate gap will be nearly identical tomorrow morning as it was this morning. For all the pomp and confetti, tonight had all the impact of a fullback hitting the line of scrimmage for no gain.

4th and 10 for Clinton, and that is cause for confetti?

Clinton supporters complain about the undemocratic nature of caucuses, and yet Clinton refuses to disavow super delegates, by which the only way she can realistically win.

Clinton is trying to play a game of electoral Frogger, and is doing Rush Limbaugh's bidding in "bloodying" the eventual Democratic Nominee.

The Democratic Godfathers will convene soon, and will arrange some sort of settlement between the two, and we will have a united party.

Its time.

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Hillary Rally: Yes We Will?

Tonight at the Clinton victory rally in Ohio, there was an interesting chant in the crowds, one I doubt came unsolicited form the Clinton camp - "Yes We Will."

I am disappointed in the Clinton camp's failure of originality and creativity; her attempt to childishly mimic Senator Obama's campaign shows how inferior hers is.  Only through relentless attack, false claim after false claim, and now hypocrisy to throw on top of the pile.  She accuses Obama of plagiarism, and then turns around and starts saying "Yes We Will."

Her victory in Ohio was not unexpected; the false story about Obama and NAFTA and the Conservative Party in Canada at the last second, timed perfectly so that there could be no push back before voters went off to the ballot paid off.  Congratulations, Clinton, you won using the same tactics George W. Bush would have.

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A Picture That Defines the Nomination .jpg

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To Hillary: Concede

We are headed steam-rolling into the March 4th Primaries; Texas and Ohio are on the bulls-eye for both the Obama and Clinton camps.  Bill Clinton has been on the campaign stump saying that Hillary cannot win if she does not win Texas and Ohio. So I have but this to say:

If you cannot win Texas and Ohio, concede.

If you care about your country and cause, concede.

The polls in Ohio are tightening. The numbers are well within the Keith Number, as well as the margin of error.

If you care about your party, and ending the war in Iraq, and ending President Bush's tax cuts to the richest 1%, concede.

One chief criticism of mine and many others is that Mrs. Clinton is scheming and cares more about her own personal political future than the policies she wishes to implement and the people she claims to represent.

The polls in Texas show a statistical tie - and due to its funky delegate distribution system in which places that heavily favor Obama are given more delegates, it is likely that Obama will emerge at the very least the delegate victor.

This is her chance - concede.  Prove us wrong, Hill. Concede.

Mitt Romney had the grace to do it - concede.

Is it bad enough that we have right wing reactionary media pumping lies about Obama into the airwaves, using his middle name, implying that he is some sort of Muslim manchurian candidate in racist fashion? Does she really need to throw her baseless Rezko charges on top of that? Does she really need to cry plagarism without grounds?

Its like watching a boxing match where one man is losing, losing badly, and decides to go for a very obvious low blow, only to realize that their opponent is wearing a steel cup.

Concede, Hillary. You cannot win.

Really, Hillary? A last stand at the Alamo? Do you really want to go down like that?


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Clinton Cannot Win Democratic Nominaiton

MSNBC has stated that Clinton would have to win 58(?)% of the remaining delegates in order to lead in the delegate count.  Including extrapolations of states Obama is expected to win, Clinton's number rises to 68(?)%. This means that if Obama only wins 33%, one third of the remaining delegates, he still maintains the delegate lead. This means one thing:

Clinton cannot win.

the sheer math of it is that Obama is a 2:1 favorite to win; he may even get the magic number of delegates to seize the nomination before the convention.

For the good of the party and for the good of the country, it is time to unite behind Obama's banner so we can begin to fix everything that George W. Bush has tried to destroy.

Lets go, people. Its time.

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Obama Crushes Clinton in the Cheasapeake

Let me begin by saying Obama was expected to win tonight.

However, the margins by which Obama won tonight were very unexpected.

According to Chuck Todd, Clinton would have to win every remaining contest in order to win the required number of delegates to win the nomination.  He estimated that if it comes down only to Clinton's "firewall states," meaning Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, she would have to win by about 67% in order to secure the delegates.  This reflects a strategy much like Giuliani's - his failure to compete in every state sunk his campaign.

Obama may have won the nomination tonight.

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