Ames straw poll: drive by view

I just drove to the gym and back. So why am I writing a diary here about it? Because I drove by the site for today's Ames Straw Poll. Looked like a lot of fun. I think Ron Paul has a pretty good chance of winning. Lots of the campaigns had put up signs near the Iowa State center (and it looked like Mitt Romney had a bunch removed that he had illegally placed along the highway and near the exchange. Heh) But Ron Paul actually hand people standing out there in the 90 waving signs. There were also a lot of "Support the Troops: Bring them home" signs up.

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Dirt on Biden plz.

I have a friend who is inexplicably drawn to Joe Biden. She isn't bothered at all by his dumbass racial commentary ("You need an Indian accent to go into a 7/11", statements about Obama, etc).  That's really all I even know about him, other then that he's a whore for the credit card industry (i.e. supporting the bankruptcy bill).

Why should an average, anti-iraq war Liberal not support Biden? I'm tired of hearing her talk about him.

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TALKING POINT: The only way to have a full investigation of Foley is if dems take power!

There's a lot of deception, changing stories, and he-said she-said.  Even people who follow politics closely (like me) have trouble keeping up with it all.

But what is obvious is that republicans are covering things up. Hastert says he's sorry, but whatever.  Our talking heads should be telling people that the only way we'll ever get to the bottom of this is if dems take power in November, because the republicans are desperate to bury this and will if they get a chance.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there in case someone wants to run with it :)

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Redstate posters, proud to be white!

Curious to see what redstaters were saying about the Foley stuff I moseyed on over, check out the sigline on the fist comment:

Proud to be: politically incorrect, straight, white, pro-life Christian, and of the opinion the spotted owl tastes just like chicken.

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The path to lame/11

So I watched the first part of Path to 9/11. It was quite stupid; the dialog was overwrought and at times embarrassing. In one scene a women bursts into a CIA meeting after the embassy bombings, tears in her eyes, complaining about not hitting bin-laden in the fictional strike that sandy burger fictionally prevented.  It was ridiculous.

Political mumbo jumbo aside I did notice a few odd things.  The director has this bizarre thing where he cuts to scenes of the "sources" of the background music during action scenes.  In the scene they capture a terrorist in Kenya, they keep cutting to this little kid playing the drums.  In a scene in the Philippines he cuts to this fat Filipino singing karaoke.  It's distracting and weird.

Oh well, it's your basic stupid TV movie. Pretty embarrassing overall.

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Let's get serious about terrorism

the poor man has a suggestion.

Is posting links in the diaries here OK? What's the deal?

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CT-Sen: Should liberals donate to the Schlesinger campaign?

Should progressives and liberals donate to the Schlesinger campaign? The guy has only raised like $60k out there compared to Lieberman's $10 million plus and Ned's $3 million. If the race turns into a two-man race Lieberman might win. But if Schlesinger can split the conservative vote, Lieberman stands less of a chance.  

What do you think, good idea or too risky?

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Joe Lieberman is going to lose.

I don't just mean the primary; Joe Lieberman is going to lose the General Election as well. His choice to run in the primary and in the general was a terrible mistake. When he made the choice, I thought it was a minor one.  It made him look weak and a little spineless, but that's something voters can forgive.  But now it's clear that he's going to lose the democratic nomination, and lose it big. And if there's one thing voters don't want to vote for it's a loser. Not only that, but it's becoming painfully obvious that Lieberman has absolutely no connection with the liberal core who votes in primaries as this fantastic TPM post shows that goes both ways.  He despises us as much as we despise him.

His entire strategy is to go after idiots, "Low information voters" but how many idiots can there be? Joe's gross attempts to race-bait black low-info voters is really offensive and will hopefully backfire.

A bit more on why I think he'll lose the general inside.

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Who should I vote for in the Iowa Dem primary For Gov?

Any ideas?  They all seem like tools.

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