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    That post was incomprehensible. What does Richardson have to do with Rove?

  • And I'm sure we'll attack the hell out of him if he gets the nomination.  It's just that for a lot of liberals it's hard to imagine that happening.  You know. Someone else might win. And anyway, it's not like a lot of republican primary voters read MyDD.

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    He's the guy who said the government spends money like Edwards in a beauty parlor. He also got a rapist released from prison because he'd been castrated -- and the girl he raped was related to Clinton...

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    Come on, That article could have been written by an Exxon executive.

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    Who cares, if support for the war goes above 45% I might care. But right now... the people who think things are improving in Iraq don't really matter.  And even if things are improving what difference would it make? Things are never going to improve enough unless we put in 1 or 2 million troupes, which we certainly don't have...

  • This is the guy trying to impeach bush and cheney.  He obviously voted no for some peace reason.  He probably would have voted for it if the vote was close.

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    Seems like an odd position to take.

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    when you obfuscate you mince words, not mix 'em.

    And anyway, he offended some people (including me) but he apologized. People on swampland are calling for him to get fired from the Edwards campaign, because Amanda Marcotte was. But actually Amanda resigned. Anyway, people need to lighten up.  Not everyone loves them, and it can be helpful to hear why other people have issues, even if (as in mudcat's case) they are ill-informed.

  • I kinda wish Edwards or Obama would co Kamikaze against Hillary, the way Gephardt did against Dean. That way, while bot candidates poll numbers would decline, either Obama or Edwards would end up the winner. I think Edwards would in a better position to do this, since he's already courted the left so much.

    Or something.  God I hope Hillary Loses.

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    I'm an Edwards supporter, so naturally when the issue comes up I'm going to highlight things I think help Edwards, as well as things that I think hurt Hillary.

    But people are talking like gore might get back into the race now, and that would be sweet.

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    One important thing about whatever bill they pass is that it has to be simple enough for a migrant worker to understand. If people don't even know whatever esoteric rules they come up with, they won't be able to comply.

    I say, wait a bit and see if we can't get a better senate makeup in '08.

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    The Dems are desperately trying to avoid the issue, because if they start looking at it, they will notice to their discomfort that the primary victims of illegal immigration are Blacks.

    Victims? The only people "victimized" by illegals are racists who can't stand hearing people speaking Spanish.  To hell with 'em.

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    With the "elites".  Obviously immigrants are helpful for providing low wages for business.

    But for the most part these big-business types generally have liberal views on personnel issues, they just think they're above the law, so whatever knuckle dragging social crap people come up with won't apply to them.

    So I think they're really just embarrassed and offended about this nativist crap the same way we are.  

    Remember, Jeb Bush's wife is Hispanic, and some of his nephews are as well. Rove really thought that the Hispanic population would embrace social-values conservatism, and he had a shot if it wasn't for the relativists.

    Their dreams of a permanent republican majority were planted in the soil of Hispanics, and those dreams have crumbled into dust.

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    Kept me from falling asleep.  The rest of the candidates provided a snooze fest.  Kusinich is a nutbar, so hopefully Gravel will steal whatever hard-left base he has.

    The other candidates, seriously no one stood out at all, and I wish we could see debates with the top three or four candidates.  A Hillary/Obama would put me to sleep for sure, though.

    I wish these guys would mix it up a little, though.

  • If Puerto Rico became a state, it would never again be able to become independent. If they became independent, they would lose a lot of support, and more importantly U.S. Citizenship. (which means the ability to travel anywhere in the world, and work in the U.S)

    Their current situation is probably pretty ideal.  If the Federal government starts really interfering in their lives, it would probably be wise to take either course, but for now the current situation is probably for the best.


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