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    it's part and parcel of the arrogance of the ruling class' treatment of everyone else as if we were blithering idiots.  whether they be senators or network executives or wall street zillionaires or mainstream media pundits or any of the "loyal bushies," most of those in charge of everything that matters aren't intrinsically evil (some certrainly are, but most are just oppotunistic schlubs) so they have to bury their guilt at having enough money to lease private jets or throw their kids decadent birthday parties or enough power to profit from the degradation of all things important by those who are truly evil.  and how best to assure themselves that they're NOT complicit in the dastardly deeds dealt us by the cabal but to convince themselves that we're too damn stupid to understand the important stuff.

    i'm old enough to have watched CBS evening news BC (before Cronkite) and believe me, the news departments are NOT appealing to me.  My generation remembers regularly scheduled documentaries on every network from which we actually learned (by which we were, indeed, educated) about current events and relevant history.  and my parents generation grew up listeneing to Murrow's reports from London.  please don't lay this off on the doddering old folks' fascination with the endless parade of sleaze.

    The mainstream media aren't searching for an audience so much as turning the not-insubstantial audience they have into uninformed, uninterested, unaware morons or into such disgusted cynics that they will give up on ever making things any better.  And i'm confident that they're working on other ways to distract the rest of us.  

    There are exceptions... Warren Buffet doesn't speak to people as if they are idiots and neither does Al Gore.  And in the media, there are Krugman and Moyers and Hersch.  But, by and large every aspect of our lives today is being simplified to make it "easier" to understand, except, interestingly enough, the technical comprehension demanded of everyone of us simply to turn on the tv/satellite/cable/tivo/HD feed/audio stuff/whatever.

    If little old people and two year olds can master (and re-master every year or two) the audio-video gear upon which we all depend, don't you think that even THEY (let alone everyone in between) could muster the intelligence required to hear intelligent analysis of the world?  It's not about the audience; it's all about the ruling class of performers (or, more acurately, the impresarios) who produce our circuses.

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    I donated to and worked for Gillibrand and celebrated when she was elected as MY congressperson.  Hmmm.  I just got off the phone with her DC office.  The intern (or whatever) didn't make any comment (other than to assure me she would convey my thoughts to her boss), but she did have the good grace to giggle appreciatively when I explained that I and many others in the district voted for gillibrand for one reason and one reason only -  to stick it to these people every minute of every day on every issue as our representative cuz, believe me, if i were in a position to do so, that's what i'd be doing.

    we'll see.

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    this is so brilliant, i signed up for an account to thank you - for the first time I can imagine a successful campaign.  Who needs to explain anymore?  Just tell 'em who's been in charge for the past 5 years (throw in some of those employment/net worth/reinvestment-of-profits stats showing what pretty much EVERYONE has lost to THEM since Jan. 21, 2001), and what's left to say but... throw the bastards out!



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