Clinton Emulates Bush Campaign Tactics

Two weeks ago to the day, Jerome posted a diary completely distorting and mischaracterizing Cornell Belcher's "esteem" for Ronald Reagan as reported in the Politico.  Belcher was NOT in fact praising Reagan's policies nor ignoring the devastating impact that Reagan's policies had on the African American community, but rather recognizing and appreciating his ability to sell himself as unifier for the nation.

Well, it seems that Reagan is not the only Republican who has gained in "esteem" among some Democrats.  The Politico has discovered that George Bush is to Hillary Clinton what Ronald Reagan is to Barack Obama.

"Clinton advisers privately acknowledge the Clinton-Bush comparisons and don't particularly mind them."

Personally, I don't have a problem with this because I understand the difference between admiring the person and admiring their effective campaign strategies.  I hope--but not expect--that those who condemned Senator Obama and Cornell Belcher for recognizing and perhaps employing the winning strategies of Ronald Reagan will now recognize how intellectually silly and politically immature their criticisms were.

Certainly Hillary Clinton supporters can NOT argue with one face that it's ok for her to model her campaign strategy after a man who has had an equally devastating impact on the African American Community as Ronald Reagan and an even more devastating impact on our nation as a whole and our relationship to the rest of the world, but with another face condemn Barack Obama? 7/5326.html

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AFL-CIO Presidential Debate: A High Jinks on Media Integrity

Many Black folks who watched Tuesday night's AFL-CIO Democratic Presidential Debate are still left with one lingering question: What the hell does Barry Bonds have to do with labor issues or presidential qualifications?

It's been the topic of discussion on urban radio and blogs that center on African American issues, but I came across this column by By TOMBARI BONKOO which gives voice to the collective reaction of disgust and disbelief to Keith Olbermann's question to Senator Obama about Barry Bonds...

In watching Tuesday night's AFL-CIO Democratic Presidential Forum moderated by MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, the agony of most black men in America toward the media and their cohort became a hard reality for me. Their fate hangs on the thin thread of human emotion -- a volatile hormone.

The most incongruous and heart-wrenching jibe against Sen. Obama for the night did not come from his fellow counterparts, but from the very moderator whose assignment was to ask questions relevant to the aspirations of the labor unions. That is, turning the forum into an avenue to pin down Mr. Obama on taking a stand against or for Barry Bonds.

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