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    Wasn't it just last week that Mark Penn said that Zogby was unreliable?  Will certainly be interesting to see if they tout these results.

  • Jerome, (or should I call you Nero?), Rome is burning! Blinded by your your deranged hatred for Senator Obama, you don't seem to have taken notice that your braintrust has left your site; only a few, like SteveM, remain.  Political erudites have been replaced by dorm room sycophants who treat this site more like a candidate fan club than a political blog of record.  Rather than elevate the discourse and restore credibility, you all too willing to help further dumb it down by lobbing absolutely stupid political cheap shots against Senator Obama.  Going after someone with a solid pro-choice record is as head-scratching as the "most disciplined and professional politician in decades" unearthing grade school writings to attack a chief rival. Just as it was reported in the Atlantic yesterday that the Clinton Campaign's hatred of Senator Obama is making them irrational, the same can be said for you.

    Reading desparate posts like your's and Taylor Marsh's reminds me of that scene from Chris Rock's movie in which White America learns that a Black man (Chris Rock) is about to be elected President and start running and screaming in mass to the polls.  

    While your irrational posts are entertaining, they truly beneath this site--it used to be.

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    Immigration is bigger than Gay Marriage because it's a cross-cutting issue racially, socially and economically.  Republicans may be showing themselves to be full-blown xenophobs, but many Democrats, especially those of lower economic status are skirting with it.  This may very well prove to be the biggest national issue since the civil rights era. Unfortunately, I don't see any of the Democratic candidates showing the courage of Kennedy who helped transform the Democratic Party from the Party of the Klan to the Party of King.  And I truly believe if we did show the courage so woefully lacking, we could make the Democratic Party the only true national Party. On the other hand, if we continue with our trepidation on this issue, Latinos under 30 are going to replace African Americans under 30 as the fasted growing block of Independents, who will never join the Republican Party but are damn tired of the Democratic Party taking them for granted.

  • Really?  Who has truly verfied that 15MM number and how many of those are illegal immigrants?  This "hole" as you call it may very well open up a bigger hole for Republicans to attack us on the issue of immigration.  I'm a staunch Obama supporter, but I'm undecided about mandates.  I'm waiting for more conclusive information, but one thing I am sure about is that even the perception of another big government program mandating participation is not a winning issue among White, male Independents who will not only be key in early primary states but in the general election.

  • Girl, loosen up that Aunt Jemima scarf!

  • "I try not make assumptions about race, ethnicity, religion, and socio-economic status."

    But you obviously do!...

    "If "a Black dude dressed in what the MSM would characterize as gang attire" (your words) approached me and asked me what the opening Dow index was, what would I think? I'd think he was a hip hop star or an extra in a TV show being filmed nearby."

    Why a hip hop star or an extra in a TV show?  Why couldn't he be graduate of Darden Business School that happens to like street gear?  

    You're perception may prove true; but let's not pretend that we don't all form perceptions.

  • Did I say that Reverend Jackson is the enemy?  No!  Like all African Americans, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to him, but he has squandered a great deal of respect and admiration in the Black Community because of his outdated race and poverty pimpin'.  As the vast majority of African Americans have moved solidly into the middle class, the constant alarm bells of Black America being in desperate straits and in need of salvation from the government are ringing hallow.  Of course the vestiges of slavery and apartheid still exist, but that does not diminish the fact that enormous gains have been made and most African Americans share the same priorities and concerns as all Americans. So, again, what issues exclusive to the African Americans--that can NOT be solved withing the African American Community--should Senator Obama be addressing?

  • I am not changing the subject!  Reverend Jackson had a built-in base of support--from the community--because of decades in the civil rights movements.  The man held the head of Dr. King while he laid dying in his blood!  He did NOT have to work for the Black vote during the course of the campaign as Senator Obama rightly has to do.  

    The subject, if you will, are the self-serving, self-loathing, slavish Black ministers who think that a Black person pursuing the highest office in the land is a false dream and hope.  What message are they sending Black children?  They are effectively telling Black children that their hopes and dreams can only be as grand as what a White society will allow.

    You wouldn't want kids from your community hearing that self-defeatist bull shit, why should our kids be subjected to it?

  • Miss Lonnette,

    Don't come at me with your neck rollin' and finger waggin' comments. I'm not the one! You know damn well that Black folks have been lauding the unity of Jewish folks for decades; it's deeply entrenched in Black literature and social commentary.  As Chris Rock even recently joked about in his most recent movie, when Black folks get together, inevitably we're going to talk about how pathetic it is that Black folks aren't unified like Jews.  It's funny because it's true!  

    Look, I don't have problem with you supporting Hillary Clinton if you truly believe she's the best candidate for the job, but your Hattie McDaniel 'mammy' reprisal on this site is a little much.

  • George,

    Since you appear to be the resident Negro-ologist on this site, please do tell what issues or priorities should Senator Obama be addressing that are exclusive to the Black Community and that can not be solved within the Black Community?  Poor and working class people of every ethnicity and race need jobs, health care, quality education, homes, etc.  

    Hell, with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton expending so much time and energy going after Don Imus, who most Black folks didn't know existed, one would easily get the impression that Black folks aren't doing as badly as Jackson and Sharpton would have Americans believe.

  • LOL!  Behind closed doors, Blacks folks praise Jews for their unity, saying we should be more like you all.

  • Curious you mention Michael Steele. Senator Obama was the hero of the Party when he went into Maryland to help stop Michael Steele from pulling an upset.  I was there!  Cardin and Dean practically tongue kissed Obama they were so grateful and relieved.

  • He most certainly did!  When it comes to revisionist history, the re-written history of Dr. King tops them all!  Some of the strongest resistance to Dr. King came from our own community who told him he was demanding too much and upsetting "good" White folks. They wanted him to be Booker T. Washington.  The more militant-minded called him an Uncle Tom because they thought he was too compromising. They wanted him to be Nat Turner.  So-called Black leaders then called Dr. King everything so-called Black leader today are calling Senator Obama today, an uppity, over-educated Uncle Tom and trouble-maker.

    See negroes--not Black folks--fall into two camps: You have the camp that distrusts any Black person who doesn't generally distrust White folks.  The other camps believes that the means to "success" is through White folks.  You either work for "good" White folks who will escort through the proverbial door of success and give you that pat on the back to say, "s/he's with me" or depend wholly on the generosity or charity of White folks.  They don't believe that Black folks will ever be in a position of real power, so the best we can hope for is limited power through White folks.  For them, the presidency is a pipe-dream, better to just aim for Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Back in the day, they called that "nigga rich."  Unfortunately, many Black folks are still living 'back in the day'.

    If you're interested, check out the final Time magazine article on King published shortly before his assassination.  His approval ratings were as low as George Bush's.  Whites and many Blacks had turned against him for his vocal opposition to the War.  You see, it was fine when he was perceived as a peaceful and forgiving negro, but when he started speaking out on issues they thought no negro had a right to speak on, they turned on him furiously!

    As for Black folks support of Senator Obama, many Black folks, particularly Black women, are under the delusion of a Clinton-Obama ticket.  They have no idea that if Clinton gets the nomination, she's likely to pick Bill Richardson to secure the Hispanic vote.  The Clintons understand what many Black folks don't: Brown is the new Black.  And of course they are going to cry holy hell, asking why them and not us?

  • BUT, he didn't have the support of Black leadership, including Corretta Scott King who endorsed Walter Mondale.  Jesse Jackson had a long existing relationship with the Black Community and widely considered the heir to the legacy of King.  You can't compare the two.  So-called Black leaders are not treating Senator Obama any differently than they treated Rev. Jackson, and they were his friends.  They were as self-serving and slavish then as they are now.

  • Shiiiiiiit, if proximity to the president qualifies as presidential experience, Barbara Bush is the MOST qualified person in the country!  


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