Women's Voices Registering Voters for General Election Only

There is a lot of sturm and drang here over nothing but a group that has done good work in the past and is doing good work now for the general election.. Women's Voices Women's Vote is and has registered voters for THE GENERAL ELCTION IN NORTH CAROLINA.  This is not in any way an attempt to interfere with the vote in the North Carolina primary.

Below is portions of an email I recieved from Becky Bond, Political director from Working Assets/CREDO, a completely non partisan group, even in this primary election, a non partisan group.  They have funded WVWV and are privy to their research, one of the few voting rights groups that does research,which has shown that the greatest spike in the desire to register is right after the deadline for the primary has passed.  It's human nature to kick themselves for missing the deadline.  So they do the registration packets and the calls in the voices of the demographic they are targeting.  They do not just target unmarried women but many other underreepresented groups in the electorate.

Mike Lux, an Obama supporter is on the board as well as John Podesta.  This is the typical Obama Hullablaoo over nothing at all.....and we know who the baselelsss suspicion monger is on this blog

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Clinton Coattails House seats-Fla, Mich, Oh, NY &NJ

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post's The Fix examined the vulnerability of Republican House seats in light of the Foster win of the Hastert seat.  

I would have pointed this out Monday, but being a New Yorker, the news was preoccupying.

"[Eighty] percent of the Republican open and Republican incumbent seats the DCCC is targeting this cycle have better democratic performances than Illinois 14," wrote committee communications director Jen Crider in the memo. "Forty out of the 50 seats the DCCC is targeting have Democratic performances of 45 percent or higher."


"Illinois' 14th district has a PVI score of R+5. A quick look at Cook's PVI ratings reveals that 53 Republican-held seats have a score more Democratic than that."

Cillizza decided to use the Cook PVI's of R+1 to R+5 to check out how many Republican seats would be vulnerable now that a seat like the Hastert seat had fallen. As noted there are 53, 22-26 of those 53 are in States Hillary Clinton not Barack Obama  carried.

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5.2Million Man-Rep. Marty Meehan is resigning

Congressman Marty Meehan is resigning his congressional seat this July to become the new chancellor of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.  His desire to succeed John Kerry as Senator thwarted by Kerry not running for president in 2008 and running for reelection instead in 2008. Meehan is the most assiduous fundraiser and saver in congress...a talent that probably commended him to the UMASS_Lowell board.  

Indeed Meehan leaves ...at the moment anyway...5.2 million or so in his campaign account.

We all remember his name from the "Use it or Lose It" campaign begun by this website.  He was a major target because he had so much to donate and he didn't.  Fortunately we won without him but we could have won even bigger with him. With this Iraq war vote it would sure be nice to have a few more Democratic votes to play with...maybe even crucialto the right outcome.

What can he do with his money...I'm still checking out.

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My day at the DNC

I too arrived yesterday like Jerome.  I went straight to the Women's caucus meeting.  Howard Dean was starting to speak.  He was strong and he was engaged and he smiled a lot.  

In the question and answer period, Judy Tobias Davis, an early Dean for Prez supporter by the way, in her quiet but steely way asked him  how could we let the Repubs claim moral values as theirs alone. She had been hard to hear so Howard rephrased it as "How can we let Republicans claim to be about moral values when they have none?" We all loved it.  The questioner by the way is the mother of the DNC treasurer, Andy Tobias.

I saw Gregory Meeks speaking to the Cifuentes people just before he withdrew.  He was the last speaker, he wasn't supposed to be last.  I knew from his body language that he was going to withdraw, and the Cifuentes folks were being unresponsive to his entreaties.  I think he was trying to get them to also withdraw.  Tactically it really shrewd.  I like Meeks a lot and Honda is very personally appealing but I don't knowhis politics.

I was involved in helping one of the female Vice Chair candidates, Susie Turnball, whom I have known since the late 90's.  She started out in community organizing and earlier in the week she posted a diary here asnd at DKos.  Susie has been the head of the Women's Leadership Forum of the DNC since the the late 90's.  The WLF has raised since its inception in 1993 tens of millions of dollars.  And for a generous donor group it has always insisted on being involved policy issues in a public spirtited way.  She sais she had the votes to win on the first ballot along with Linda Chavez-Thompson of the AFL-CIO, who was considered a shooin.  She did win handily, but Susie also won handily.  The other 3 candidates were Marjorie Fields Harris, State Senator Dianne Wilkerson of Mass., both African American and a grassroots organizer from Utah, to whom I must apologize because I do not remember her name.

Initially, because I hadn't done the vote counting, I thought Harris or Wilkerson could withdraw to endorse the other and so challenge Susie.  But even together their total votes were less than Susie's.  For her this will be  a full time job.

Interesting tidbit, Roberto Ramirez former chair of the Bronx county Dem party in NY made a seconding speech for Harris.  I think this could mean that Al Sharpton, whose NYC mayroal candidate has left the race and who was Harris's sponsor could wind up endorsing Roberto's candidate for Mayor of New York, Fernando Ferrer, rather than the remaining African-American in the race, C. Virginia Fields, the President of the Borough of Manhattan.

I think this was a great day for the beginning of the beginning of a new and reenergized Dem party.  We can't  let the right wing noise machine and the MSM make our dedcisions for us.

And unlike a lot of bloggers on this site and elsewhere I agreed with all the speakers's purposeful comic hyperbole a la Terry McAuliffe praising Terry as the "greatest chair in the history of the universe" In January of 2001 when he came to speak to the NY WLF his ambitions for the party's infrastrucure needs was the only thing that kept me going.  And if you want partisans then there is no more partisan Democrat for real than Terry McAuliffe.  He left us with the tools we need to build the future, the tools the Repubs have been building for 25 years.    


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