YouTube Censoring Comments Re: Advertisers?

While watching a Young Turks video, I accidentally discovered that YouTube appears to be blocking comments referring to its paid pre-video advertisers. Read on for screenshots and details on the testing of alternative possibilities (e.g., spam filters).

Is Barack Obama a fauxgressive or a nogressive?

Is Barack Obama a fake progressive? Or has he come to make sufficiently clear that he is simply not a progressive that he can hardly be accused of really faking it?... READ ON



Why Obama/Dems are less trustworthy than Bush/GOP

It might seem hyperbolic or facetious that a left-leaning blogger would argue that Obama and the Democrats are less trustworthy than Bush and the Republicans. I am not claiming that Bush or Republicans make better, more desirable leaders than Obama or the Dems. What I am arguing is that Republicans can generally be trusted more than Democrats to do what they say they are going to do. In a nutshell, the reason is... READ ON.





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