Are Activists at Elevated Mental Health Risk?

We’ve heard of mental health risks for trauma victims, models, high-performance athletes, people in the public eye, soldiers, executives, people living in poverty, and many other social demographics. As a political activist who studies and works in healthcare, is currently on a placement in a mental health unit, and has had personal struggles with mental health issues linked to depression, anxiety and emotion regulation, I have come to believe that political activists may represent another identifiable group at elevated risk for a series of  mental health issues. Read on.



New Rule: Only People With PhDs May Give Opinions on Science

Being a critic of anti-intellectualism and anti-science, which usually comes from the Right, it was an interesting change to see someone take on the opposite extreme. Read on...



The Obama Cult Apparently Still Has Some Members...

Despite his repeatedly demonstrating to progressives that he is not one of them, there appears to still be some on the American Left whom are intent on going down with the ship. Is there nothing that Obama can do to show these progressives that he is not willing to be the man that he campaigned as? Read on...



Do liberal/conservative cities feel liberal/conservative?

If you live in a liberal city, how much do you feel the liberalism in the culture and in your day-to-day interactions? If you live in a conservative city, to what degree does your city feel conservative? And how much do you notice conservative political leanings in your fellow city dwellers? Read on and comment...



Help make "Fauxgressive" a word, and Barack Obama its poster child

Last week I coined the term “fauxgressive” in reference to fake progressives. People like Barack Obama, who embrace a progressive image when it suits them, only to repeatedly jab their thumb into the eyes of progressives, ignore them and continually walk the corporatist walk.

Help make fauxgressive a recognized term employed by progressives to call out fakes among them, like Obama, by voting it up (or offering alternative definitions) on Urban Dictionary. Read on...



How homosexuality threatens to destroy English-speaking civilizations

Anthropologists have observed that languages and cultures rise and fall together. Homosexuality threatens English speaking civilizations one morpheme at a time.

A CALL TO ACTION: It's time the English speaking world took its words back!

Talking to Conservatives: Tips on Reaching Across the Aisle

Tips on talking to political adversaries. Moving past politics, partisanship and labels, recognizing corporatism masquerading as progressivism or conservatism, and going straight to the issues. Read on...

Atheists are Religious, But Not In a Traditional Way

Everyone is religious. Even atheists. But atheism is not the religion. It can't be because atheism is not a religion.

Regardless of what one's values are - liberal, conservative, secular humanist, libertarian, vegetarian - they all stem from statements about morality and purpose that cannot be empirically validated. They cannot be validated in a manner that is not circular, or that does not depend on another moral claim that itself has not been validated. They are faith claims about the nature of morality.

However, this does not make, say, libertarian socialism indistinguishable from, say, Christianity. Theistic religions do at least two things that secular philosophies do not do. Firstly, they make claims about the physical universe, which they then proceed to not validate; if they had validated them, we would hardly need faith to be a Christian. The second thing that secular philosophies do not do that theistic religions do is, after making a claim about the physical universe, use that physical claim as a foundational basis on which to justify the tenets of an accompanying moral philosophy (e.g., I know that X is right and Y is wrong because God said so).

Read on....




Why Japanese Healthcare is More Efficient than US and Canadian Healthcare

Major reasons why the Japanese pay less and get more from their healthcare system than Americans and Canadians. Read On...



Homeopathic Chicken Dinner

Save time and money and stick it to Big Agriculture and Mega Farms with Homeopathic Chicken Dinner!


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