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    "those wacky black people, thinking they get to voice their own opinion in an election!"

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    The on the record quotes supporting the DNC and whatever they're willing to sanction kinda belies the title.

    Meanwhile, Hillary's more than happy to disenfranchise every single MI voter who didn't vote for her. Nice.

    One problem, I'll note, with the firehouse suggestion in MI, is that a lot of Dems crossed over to vote for Romney, and they'd be banned from the new election.

    Remember this? Democrats for Romney

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    Whitewater was a non-scandal too.  That I've long agreed with.

    We need some better skepticism of press stories please (not aimed at you).

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    The corrupt politician involved with Rezko is Rod Blagojevich.

    There's never been an allegation of Obama doing favors for Rezko.  Period.

    (Yes, he called buying property from a man under indictment "boneheaded."  It was.  It looks bad.  But if you actually examine the facts, there is still no "there" there.

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    That sounds like sour grapes.  People like his politics and his policies better.  Nobody claims he's pure.

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    I'm an Obama supporter and while I understand what she said it's still trouble in a way that it wouldn't have been in any of the races they've been in before.

    More troubling to me is that they need to respond rapidly to this crap and push back aggressively.  I know that smacks of "the old politics" but seriously, you can set the record straight quickly and forcefully without spinning nonsense or being divisive.

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    In this case for sure, the kossacks work for the czar.  There was a solid political motivation to, for lack of a better term, pander to the 4 established early states (IA, NH, SC, NV) by opposing the MI and FL jump, and the fact that every campaign agreed to it and signed the pledge goes to show you that.

    You can't really put that one on Ickes.

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    Axelrod is a strategist, he's not writing the speeches that come out of Obama's prompter (or not, in the case of last night).

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    Actually one of my proudest moments of this campaign is when the media tried to bury clinton before NH and the democrats resoundingly told them to fuck off.

    (Obama supporter.  Just sayin'.)

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    So what you're saying is that he should choose the other option in the mentioned post, and mention all his accomplishments?

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    Huh?  His answer was "here's several positive examples, for more read this"

    And you read "blah blah blah blah blah read this".

    Anybody who wants to say that this guy did a bad job, go for it.

    If you want to criticize Obama for making this guy a surrogate, show me that it was his people that booked him or recommended him for the show, and not MSNBC just calling "people from texas who have endorsed Obama" and getting one of them to come on.

    But to claim that it's somehow magical proof of Obama being substance-free is the essence of myopia.

    Legislative accomplishments:

    Nuclear non-proliferation and controlling the spread of shoulder-fired missiles and land mines.

    Passed ethics reform over the childish tantrums of John McCain (who wanted a "bipartisan commission to study all the options", he was in quite a snit when Obama outfoxed him on this).

    Health care expansion in Illinois.

    Mandatory video recording of all interrogations in the state of Illinois (which police opposed and he got it passed anyway).

    African relief in the Congo.  Traveled to Africa to encourage AIDS reform.

    Also, he's shown the ability to build up in a year the national infrastructure to win elections in every state in the nation against a powerful adversary who had the direct backing of the titular head of the party.

  • I hope Obama's the nominee but if he's not we're all going to have to pitch in and work for Hillary and make sure you're wrong.

  • If absolutely all else was equal, you gotta break the tie somehow.... but then again, it never is all equal.

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    I'm really unhappy about the way Clinton's advisors have run this campaign, and I'm unhappy with the way her supporters have used childish and racially tinged attacks on Barack Obama.

    I understand why some partisans are now saying they would rather vote for McCain than hillary in the GE, but they're wrong and they're stupid.

    Please don't let people who are wrong and stupid affect your decision.  I would ask everybody on both sides of the current primary fight to take a step back, take a deep breath, and get ready to stand shoulder to shoulder against John McCain and the absolute disaster he would be for this country.

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    Hillary in 2000 won by 12%, Gore by 25%....  That's not exactly winning a lot of crossover votes.

    If you want to talk about track record -- Obama has been a solid vote on unions, choice and defending the constitution.  In Illinois he took on the police in pushing through recording all interrogations.  Do you think either Clinton would have worked for that?

    In 2006, he supported the gitmo defense attorneys trying to get a fair trial for their clients, most of whom still have no demonstrated links to terrorism at all.  They all stood up and endorsed him a week ago.  That means a lot to me.

    Finally, you can quibble about skin in the game on the Iraq war, but as a senator he marched for immigrant rights and spoke out at the 2006 rally here in Chicago, and he spoke against Kyl-Lieberman while Hillary rushed to again burnish her hawk credentials.

    I'm not a fan of his position on mandates, but let's face it, both of these plans are starting out as politically compromised visions of universal care.


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