Extremist religous groups are once again attacking American values of fairness and equality!  A group called the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ is joining the Amerifcan "Family" Association's boycott of Ford until they drop all advertising in GLBT publications and cease offering any and all same-sex partner benefits!  

You can read the full article here.

Don't let them claim the banner of Family and American values.  What they are doing is undeniably UnAmerican!  Here's what you can do.  Click below the fold and help the progressive fight for GLBT Americans!

Please copy the letter below and Paste it into the form located HERE.

Change the letter as you see fit.  

Dear Chairman Ford,

Thank you for not caving into pressure from radical and extremist Right-wing religious groups that seek to undermine core American values of fairness and equality.  They may be vocal, but they are a small minority in the vast and diverse people of various faiths, cultures and sexual orientations that all call themselves American.  

Your continued support of GLBT families and employees proves that focusing on what unites us is a true American family value.  I implore you to hold steadfast and do not succumb to the threats and hostility of these extremist groups.  The number one goal of every one of these extremist religious groups is to force all people to believe what they do and cast any American who is different aside.  Gay and Lesbian Americans are a vulnerable minority that is frequently exploited by such tactics.

As you continue to stand up for fair and decent American values and citizens.  I will encourage my friends to purchase Ford branded automobiles (Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar or Volvo) during the coming year. I will also share information concerning Ford's support for the GLBT community with family and friends.


You can also call this number between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST:

800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)

and read this script or say whatever is in your heart:

Hi, my name is ____ and I'm calling to my support for Ford and it's practice of American values of fairness and equalities through your support of the Gay and Lesbian community.   Please do not succumb to the divisive tactics and hateful rhetoric of small, but vocal extremist religious groups.

Thank you.

Please do this and spread the word!  Get your friends to call.  We'll show that hate, ignorance and division is not the word of God's Love.

Thank you!!!  :-)

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Re: Tipjar

I've never asked for tips before, but I think this is important enough to warrant it.  Please help.

Thank you all and godspeed!  

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