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    That's interesting cosidering dude's half French. Did you know that? Well, his mother is French.

    I wonder if he can speak French, and how well.

  • This is inconclusive speculation, obviously. I'dlike to know if the left/right question has been asked regularly and if the rsults are consistently like what I said.
  • There's another very pervasive piece of conventional wisdom that I'm sceptical of, namely that the greater number of conservatives v. liberals tells us something important about the makeup of the US electorate.

    The reason I doubt this is that I once came across a poll where they asked if you considered yourself leftwing or rightwing and suddenly there was parity.

    Left-right parity seems to gel with what you can see from polls on people's opinions on issues, and more sophisticated attempts at political typology, as well as voting results obviously.

    So maybe people just don't like the word "liberal"?

    Also, it would seem that quite significant numbers  of people don't know what conservative and liberal means (see that New Yorker article everyone blogged about last year.) Since liberal and conservative has many different meanings other than the convention pundit/pollster use of the word, it would make sense if it was less confusion about left or right.

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    Jeff Rosen.
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    "I have now started a new blog focusing on British politics (of which there is a paucity"

    Is that meant seriously, or tongue in cheek?

  • Drezner, Belgravia Dispatch, Volokh, Marginal revolution, Eve Tushnet, Jim Henley. Don't read any of them regularly, but they're not hacks.
  • How did you come to that conclusion.
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    Do you broadly agree with that Common Dreams article?
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    Well, everyone. Everyone says the chair must committ for four years. Why I don't know, it hasn't been that way in the past. But I dunno.
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    So, why are you so dead set against him running for president? I mean, no one seem even ambivalent about it, everyone is unequivocally for him trying to be the chair. I don't understand it.
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    The DNC doesn't have a policy of appeasement. They don't do policy, period. The DNC runs the primaries, the convention, and support campaigns. That's it.
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    Easley is pro-life, iirc. Governors have little in the waynational security bonafides, except to some extent Richardson, and he has lots of baggage.

    Still, you may well be right.

    Richardson doesn't seem like he'd be all that great as president.

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    Okay, I take that back. Clark had his flaws, but he wasn't a disaster by any means.
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    No, that would be in 2008.
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    Why would Kerry have any particular interest in Iowa being first in the nation? It's great for come-from behind candidates as we saw this year and in '76. A national primary, if that's the alternative, would be better for early frontrunners and people with name recognition.

    While it gave him the nomination this year, Iowa, as opposed to NH, wouldn't necessarily be favorable ground for Kerry, depending on the competition. It's rural and midwestern. It might give him an edge against southern candidates, tho not necessarily Edwards.

    I never heard anyone else describe Vilsack as Kerry's candidate.

    Kerry probably have a more favorable opinion of Dean than the more dlc-ish Clinton, Richardson, Edwards, Bredesen. They allegedly like each other nowadays. He might prefer Vilsack to Rosenberrg I suppose. I'd guess he's ABI - anyone but Ickes.

    That's a whole lot of disagreements. I realize Jerome probably has forgotten more about US politics than I know. :) I agree Vilsack would likely be a poor choice.


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