GOP Cash on Hand

Republicans currently hold 232 seats in the House.  But already over 20 Republicans are retiring, running for other office, or in a few cases resigning under pressure.  FEC reports allow the user to specify incumbents, the party, and list (among other things) cash on hand (usually as of 3/31/06).

I've looked at all 50 states containing 215 Republican incumbents  Overall, the financial shape of these House oncumbents was much worse than I expected.  Only 53 (24.7%) had at least $1 million in the bank as cash-on-hand.  Just 63 (29.7%) had from $500,000 to $999,999.  The largest group, 99(46.0%) had under $500,000 on hand.

This figures varied a lot from state to state.  In the three states with the largest number of GOP incumbents, Florida House members were the richest.  Six had $1 million plus, six ranged from $500,000 to under a million, and only four had under $500,000.  Of the four, the most vulnerable is Jeff Miller with just $150,456 in the bank.  Some rumors have said that one, Bill Young, a 75 year-old with 36 years in the House, may retire.  California Republicans (5 at a mill/2 in the half mill/11 under 500 K) and Texas Republicans (5/2/13) are considerably less well off.  Combined, 24 of 38 incumbents from these states had less than $500,000 cash-on-hand. (the numbers are those in the million plus, 500 k-999 K, and under 500 K respectively).

The state whose incumbents had the highest percentage of million-dollar Republican incumbents is Kentucky (80%, or 4 of 5, with the other in the middle class.  Other states of interest: PA (2/5/5), MI (3/2/4), and OH (3/2/5).  The only Indiana Republican in the million-plus group is Chris Chocola.

IL 2/4/2
CA 5/2/11 GA 2/4/2
IN 1/2/3 KY 4/1/0 MN 1/2/0
AZ 0/2/4
AL 0/2/2
MO 0/1/4
NC 0/3/4
NJ 2/1/2
NY 2/4/2
OH 3/2/5 TN 2/1/0
VA 2/2/4
WA 0/1/2
WI 1/2/0

SC 0/1/3 UT 0/0/2 WV 0/1/0 WY 0/0/1 AK 1/0/0 AR 0/0/1 CO 1/1/1 CT 2/1/0 DE 1/0/0 IO 0/1/2 ID 0/0/1 KS 1/1/1 MD 0/0/2 MS 0/0/2 MT 0/1/0 NE 0/0/2 NH 0/0/2 NM 1/0/1 NV 1/0/0 OK 0/1/2 OR 0/1/0

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