Democracy as Reality TV

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Al Franken: "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to American Democracy, I'm Al Fraken on the Left...'
Bill O'Rielly: "welcome, I'm Bill O'Rielly of the No Spin Zone on the right."
Al Fraken: "Always got to get a plug in for the show, eh Bill?"
Bill: "I am not ashamed of self promotion, it's capitalism and THAT's as American as Apple Pie..."
Al: "Well you certainly excel at self promotion...anyway folks, tonight we've got a great show for you, pitting the interests of Corporate Profits against the lives of workers.."
Bill:  "Again?  Didn't we do this last week?
Voice over: "At the end of tonight's show you can vote for or against worker safety regulation on the mining industry, 800-887-5005 to vote No on regulation or 800-887-5006 to vote Yes on regulation."

Fade to commercials.....

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